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Subject: For your business

Opus Emprunt is a structure specializing in collection, brokerage and lending for companies and also for individuals wishing to create or develop their business. We offer you credit at attractive rates.
Our rates range from 2% to 3% depending on the amount you wish to borrow. Do you have emergencies? Big projects? Are you solvent and do you have the necessary supporting documents?
We are here to listen to you.
Our experienced and seasoned team connects lenders and borrowers. We offer you good credit. And who says good credit says attractive rates and guarantees of confidentiality and security.
We offer 2 types of loan:
- the loan for individuals
- and the loan for professionals or companies.
For individuals, we offer loans ranging from 10,000 ( ten thousand ) euros to 1,000,000 ( a million ) euros.
For professionals, we offer credits ranging from 3,000,000 ( three million ) euros to 500,000,000 (five hundred million ) euros. And our repayment times are up to 40 years.
Especially, for business loans, we are talking about a lot of money and you will understand that everything can not be done via the internet. For more confidence on your side and on our side and especially for the steps to be taken to obtain a loan , a physical meeting between our structure and you would be obligatory in one of our law firms here in Europe before making the transfer of funds to your account.
For more information contact us by email.

Opus Emprunt

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