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Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

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DESCRIPTION: Multi Step Program by Evidence of Funds and Block of Funds via Swift MT799,
the funds of the client remains in the account and are not moved at all, subject to the Block.
ASSET TYPE: Cash Only from Top Banks in USA, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore
DURATION: Evidence of Funds for 12 Months
CONTRACT: The client signs the contract with the Trader, the said contract will specifically
guarantee the “principal” amount as well as the extraordinary weekly “profits” for the client in
the long of Program.
DOCUMENTS: The client must provide a KYC + up to date of Bank Statement + Bank Letter
1. Advance in an amount of Five Percent (5%) of the face value received, paid within 72
hours after receipt, verification and authentication of Swift MT799;
2. Bullet Trade Program for 10 Banking Days with a total Profit of Two Hundred Percent
(200%) (historical) Profit;
3. Bullet Trade Program for 30 Banking Days, with a total Profit of Eight Hundred Percent
(800%) (historical) Profit;
4. Trade Program of 40 Weeks, with a weekly Client Net Profit of Fifty Percent (50%)
(historical) Profit;
5. Option to enter into an evergreen trade program for Three-Five (3-5) with a Forty Weeks
Trade Period per year;
The profits of the Bullets and the 40 weeks Program will be fully and freely available for the
client, there is no obligation to dedicate them to projects.
The returns can be reinvested in total or partly. This option can greatly increase the
client profits.
• The client signs the contract with the Trader, the contract guarantees the profits of the
Program. All contracts between the investor and the Platform are regulated under the rules
set by regulators and auditors.
• The operation will be carried out only by means of evidence of funds of the account and
blocking of the funds in the account. This will be realized by means of Swift MT799 by
means of the format of the Bank of client.
• The client has to accept and confirm that funds on the account are Blocked and not moved
for the full duration of the program (twelve (12) Months)
• The Funds stay in the bank account of the Investor for the full duration of the investment
under the Block for the benefit of the trader. The customer is the only signatory of the
• The Program is controlled and audited, and each month the trader will give to client the
audit reports conducted to the Program. The funds are at all times under the full control
of the owner or investor subject to the Block. There is no risk for the funds to be lost or
withdrawn or used in any manner by the trading group.
• We only can accept the Swift MT799 via Brussels System Swift.
We do not accept the Swift MT799 via Euroclear.
• KYC (Please use the attached draft)
• Bank Letter (Please use the attached file)
• Up to Date Account Statement – SIGNED AND SEALED BY TWO BANK OFFICERS –

1. The investor provides all required documentation for the submission of the operation. It is
important that the KYC and Bank Letter have the full information of the Bank, including
email of Bank Offices, Phone and Fax
2. Upon receipt of the investor documents, trade group conducts the Due Diligence.
3. Upon a successful Due Diligence, the Trader will contact the client by phone. The aim of
this call, in addition to the Trader formal presentation, is to explain the program and
answer possible questions.
4. Once the Trade Contract is signed, the client bank sends the evidence of funds via Swift
5. Seventy-two (72) hours after receipt and verification of Swift MT799, the trader will pay
to the client the Advance in an amount of Five Percent (5%) of the face value received.
6. After further ten (10) banking days, the trader will pay net to the client the Profit in an
amount of Two Hundred Percent (200%) of the face value.
7. After further forty (40) banking days, the trader will pay net to the client the Profit in an
amount of Eight Hundred Percent (800%) of the face value.
8. The forty-weeks (40) program with a weekly profit of Fifty Percent (50%) net to client will
start after the payout of the Bullet as mentioned in point 7 above.
9. Compounding is allowed in Trades #1 and #2.


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