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#410314 by Carlabanker Thu May 14, 2020 8:21 am
Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

This is for selected VIP employees like you and must not be spread over the Internet! Directly to selected clients:

I would suggest that you speak to customers first to find out their interest. If you indicate that you are interested, please forward my overview of the VIP program below.

As soon as you are very interested, I will let a client speak to you. This leased investment program for private placement of bank instruments is a VIP offer.

The fees / costs are € 1,000,000 per 250 million leased bank instruments that are paid into a lawyer account to cover the legal, processing and Swift fees of the leased bank instrument. Liability insurance has been taken out for € 1 million to ensure that the customer's initial costs are secure if there is no leased banking instrument available. Since our instruments are reserved at the bank in advance, this case is excluded.

The total cost of the leased banking instrument is 12%, which we have already negotiated and will not collect until later, after the line of credit is complete and a private placement trade program has been completed.

With the proceeds of the returns from the first month, then the payment of these 12% costs.

10 international bank working days are required to prepare the leased banking instrument.

The credit line then requires 10 days in international banking as soon as it has been forwarded to our commercial bank.

The credit line has already been negotiated for one of our leased banking instruments at an LTV of 50% (loan to value).

Customer thus has his own PPP guaranteed in the amount of € 125 million! 10 months, 100% net return, 14-day / 30-day payment.

If you are seriously interested, our bank needs: KYC or CIS, current proof of capital

The investment volume can be increased to € 2 million. This then enables a bank instrument in the amount of € 500 million and a PPP in the amount of € 250 million.
Best regards

Serkan Karadas

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