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#412114 by Carlabanker Sun Jun 14, 2020 11:01 am
Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

Dear sir,
There's a PPP program for cash and other bank instruments including IBOE.
Min 100M+, any top rated banks. Anyone has interest, please firstly supply KYC/CIS with bank statement or tear sheet to

1) Minimum Entry is $100 Million USD or Euro Equivalent
2) Maximum Entry is $2 Billion USD or Euro Equivalent
4) BULLET TRADE(2,5,or 10 Day Bullet 200% -500% determine on availability on compliance approval) + 40 WEEK TRADE PROGRAM @ 100% per month
5) Clients funds must be in a Top International Banks as per
https:fien.wikipedia.orewiki/List of largest banks
6) Client's accounts are monitored through TEARS SHEETS. When account balance drops below the committed amount their trade will be stopped with no payout of further profits
7) Pay Out of Profits is Monthly to the Clients Bank of Choice
8) Net Profits is 70% of Profits generated to Client
9) Entry to this Program is strictly by invitation only Application documentation must be comprised of:

KYC Package ( Individual or Corporate) signed in Blue Ink
Bank Tear Sheet or Bank Statement dated same date as the date of Signature on the
KYC documents
Copy of 2 Bank Officers Business cards from Clients Bank
Proof of Life or Notarized Passport shot

Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp: +447466993049
Skype: live:richardmanville

Kind regards,
Richard Manville

#413003 by Carlabanker Mon Jun 29, 2020 9:32 am
Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

For monetization of IBOE

There are three options:

1. They offer JVA to clients and only accept to work on files which the asset owner agrees to a trade profit split whereby trader takes 30%, asset owner takes 30%, JVA partners takes 30% and facilitators 10%: shared equally with trader's side closed meaning that we all will be on client side. LTV range is 20-40%. They offer a multi step trade starting with 10 days bullet trade with yield of 200% followed by two consecutive 30 days bullet trade if available with yield of 800% then the 40 weeks program with yield of 80-100%.

2. They will not give any information regarding LTV or yield until after receiving submission of KYC and the file has passed compliance process.

3. The other group a contact has access to will only accept IBOE already in Bloomberg. LTV range is 30-50%. If client cannot place on Bloomberg they can assist as long as client pays for it. Cost is 0.5% of face value. Yield information available on receiving readiness on part of the client.

Do let me know what you want to do going forward and if you choose to take the JVA option then I will send you JVA documents for completion and signing along with a step by step guide to trade.

Yours truly,
Richard Manville
[email protected]
#430134 by AlanJones Fri Jan 07, 2022 2:30 am
From: Richard Manville - [email protected]
Subject: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022. OFFERS !!!
Other Email: [email protected]
Tel. No.: +447466993049

Compliment of the season!!

Sir, I’m Richard Manville from Crewe, London, UK. I wish to use this medium to inform you that I'm now freelance to some platforms in the UK, USA and Canada, Asia and the Middle East. I'd like to tell you that I'm no longer working with the company (Prime Consultant).

Briefly, these platforms have offered for:

1) Venezuela Bonds: The offer for VEN BOND is 8+2%. The instrument MUST be on EUROCLEAR and delivered VIA MT542 or EUCLID542
2) LTN (MUST be on EUROCLEAR): The offer for LTN is 8+2%. The instrument MUST be on EUROCLEAR and delivered VIA MT542
3) MTN: Please see attached file for more information.
4) SBLC/ BG: Please see attached file for more information.
5) DLC (MT700): Please see attached file for more information.
7) IBOE: Can be done if the owner follows the process below:
a) Deposits same in a top 25 world bank for safe keeping.
b) The depository bank issues a safe keeping receipt (skr) to the monetizing bank that will be confirmed by mt760.
c) Depository bank first issues a RWA/BCL to the owner committing to issue and confirm the skr via mt760 to any of the owner's designated monetizer.
d) Complete kyc of the owner needed.

8) CORPORATE BONDS: LTV 40%, instrument MUST be updated and delivered VIA Euroclear or DTC
9) BANK DRAFT: Please see attached file for more information.

A special multi-step program with various short and long program elements for select clients with ability to send MTN and bonds via EUROCLEAR free-delivery to separate, elective receiving and monetizing channels.

●BANKS: Major BANKS worldwide accepted (or as approved by compliance / management)
●PROGRAMMING OPTIONS & REFERENCE GUIDELINE: The approved, cooperative, and performing client will have the option to participate in various programming options, such as an enhanced multi-step, sequential program; or a continual long-term program; or consult regarding a custom program (to address a specific project, goal, etc.).

The programming reference guideline for a series of multi-step, sequential program options structured specifically for the client may commence following valid protocol verification, separate monetization / funding of the provided asset / instrument, platform receipt and acceptance of resultant proceeds, with profit objectives and goals based on best efforts programming up to:

(1) 10-day short program (2x the face value received) then;
(2) A discretionary 30–day short program (5x the face value received) then;
(3) 40-weeks long-term program (up to 1x the face value received weekly) then;
(4) The option to enter a 3-5 years evergreen program (up to 1x the face value received weekly). [Historical, or as amended] *

» Platform begins responsibility to the transaction and multistep programming activity once separately monetized funds are received and accepted by the platform, resulting from and disbursed by a successful monetization of a valid, confirmed EUROCLEAR free delivery by the client to a separate, external monetizer.
» In this transaction type specifically, due to the type of asset and requirement of a title change, the platform must remain distinct and separate from the receiving and monetization operation, thus it is the client’s option to have a separate program contract to utilize monetized funds in programming, and a separate contract that the client may execute with the separate receiver / monetizer (providing for any specifics concerning the monetization, asset return, routing of the funding proceeds for utilization, etc.)
» As in all transactions, a client is free to use its own monetizer, as there is no obligation to use any receiving monetizer that may be suggested or is available.
» * It is important to recognize that the platform does not itself receive any asset; nor could it ever compel, prevent or control a free delivery and decision made by any asset owner / sender to a separate, external receiving entity referred, addressed or otherwise regarding ownership or title holding change of any asset; nor could it contemplate or inhibit any desired contractual or documentation that may be deemed necessary or supplemental by the sender of said asset to and with such a receiver, as would be typical and prudent within a change of title holding context.
» This transaction-type using the standard Brussels EUROCLEAR system typically can be received and settled once the client provides a genuine free-delivery transfer and screening verification to a selected monetizer, as would be instructed separately by the monetizing function. this transaction-type is not for ‘blocking’ via EUROCLEAR; no server ‘downloading’; no ‘post & block’; no need for special ‘banking codes’; no ‘pledging’; no ‘internal assignments’; no ‘portal collateral’; no ‘linking or blocking’, etc.). Simply, the mtn / bonds are to be cleared and received to a receiving account without receiver input of any kind. The platform does not receive or work directly with any security of any type, and this program utilizes only the resulting proceeds from a separate monetization or funding,
» LTV based on market, valuation, timing, instrument, amount, servicing and monetization arrangement.

●COMPOUNDING: Following program commencement, the client may be provided an option to re-invest a reasonable portion of client net profits (compounding) into the next step of the multi-step program.
●PROGRAM DISBURSEMENTS: All programming profits to be paid out on a weekly basis. (note: program content, profit structure, schedules, procedures, protections, samples, etc. are detailed in the direct-issued (IPCA) agreement).
●DISCRETIONARY PERFORMANCE ADVANCE: consideration for a ‘discretionary performance advance’ up to one percent outside of normal programming scope may be considered and provided by program management (refer to general notes).
●APPLICANT: In all cases the platform prefers to work with actual owners of accounts, bank instruments and who have relationship bankers; under certain circumstances third-party transactions may also be accepted with compliance / management and due.
●SUBMISSION: Current-dated specific KYC package, which must include proof of instrument or monetization; special transaction documentation is exclusively prepared for the client, including the (IPCA) diligence approval of capability and authority. Contract and (IFPPO) protection for registered consultants.
●AGENTS: client will authorize and acknowledge a maximum of five percent fee for the total referring agent group(s), of which disbursement is arranged by the platform and derived from equal contribution from platform and client programming profits.

Sir, kindly reply if you have interest in the above offers or you have other instruments to be monetized and traded which are not included such as Tearsheet and Heritage Funds, Ledger to Ledger etc.

Yours truly,

Richard Manville
Email: [email protected]
Skype: live:richardmanville
WhatsApp: +447466993049

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