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Hard Asset Trade Program
This out of ground hard asset SKR trade program (gold, diamonds, cornmodities/metals, nickel wire, copper powder, or geins) requires the asset to be located in an approved vault location (North America, Western Europe, Australia, Selected Middle East countrkm such as Dubai, or Selected Asian counties). The vault does not have to be in a bank or have a bank valuation on the SKR.
After LTV discounting, the asset must have a value of 100mil+.
Returns and LTV vary with the asset type and value. The highest LTV is for gold which would be approx. 90%. Payouts are 100% gross per month based on the LTV. Client signs a 20% PSA.
To start we only the following preliminary documentation for initial review:
- Applicant Passport
- Copy of the SKR
If the trade group is interested in the transaction, the following full submission documentation would be required:
- A Lob or Assay Report showing validity and purity of Me asset.
- An appraisal for current market value.
- Full KYC
- Proof of Ownership
- 20% PSA and Pay Instructions

Upon the successful review of the above documentation the trade group will call the owner/applicant and offer a trade contract based upon moving the SKR (per contractual block only) to the trader's account, so they can activate their credit lines.

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