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#413914 by Carlabanker Fri Jul 17, 2020 6:20 am
Scammer and time waster with a fanciful opportunity.

Consultant needs to have leading directly to get more than 100 million usd amount contract of any type of construction projects for to our partners construction companies.
-We need documents (BOQ and Drawings) for EPC projects.
-We need feasibility study and Sovereiqn or commercial bank quarantee or national bond or swapping contracts natural resources((gold. Oil. Gas. Diamond etc))for EPC+ Finance projects.
We need confirmation letter of quarantee for goverment own projects.
-We need feasibility study for PPP projects. We need quarantee for that.
-We need feasibility study for BOT projects. We need goverment quarantee . For Africa. Middle east. İndia. .
No quarantee need for good rating countries such as Europe. America. Etc.
-We can invest at Refinery goverment own projects. But the government must guarantee our investment by oil / or the products of the oil refinery.
For that we need feasibility study and letter for quarantee from goverment.
-We can invest at Goverment own Energy projects and we need PPA agreement with goverment for that
We need feasibility study for that.
Fees paid based on successfully signed contracts.***
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