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Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.




This program was established years ago for humanitarian relief.
It requires bank to bank communication via email
It is currently accepting new applicants.
It is a 5 year + program designed to generate cash for any projects
Multiple Contracts Can Be Issued To The Same Applicant
This Program Requires The Applicants Bank Statement And A Bank Comfort Letter
On line bank statements preferred and accepted a screen shot of the online bank
statement is acceptable
The Trade Program starts with a 5 day bullet paying 300% profit ( Split 80 / 20 ) This bullet
program can be re entered up to 3 times. There is a 5 Billion cap on the 40 week program.
Profits from the 5 day bullet program can be withdrawn or added to the 40 week / 5 year program.
Pay outs are paid weekly to the applicants designated bank accounts.
Payments are guaranteed via Fixed Term Contract Directly With The Trader for a 200% plus
historical average profit per month. Trades are conducted in HSBC London or DBS Singapore.
Trade Requirements: Minimum 100 Million Euro or equivalent USD to Maximum 5 Billion Euro
Multiple contracts at one time are permitted. Example: 5 contracts x 5 Billion = 25 B in trade
This trade requires NO SWIFT and FUNDS ARE NOT BLOCKED and remain in the investor’s
bank account throughout the entire program. It is similar to a tear sheet trade as it utilizes the
Bank Account Statement and a Bank Comfort Letter with bank to bank email confirmation. After
The Applicant Is Approved And The Contract Is Issued. The Applicant’s Bank Comfort Letter is
confirmed, being sent via email between the Applicant’s Bank Officer and the Trader’s Bank
Banks We Work With: Top world banks preferably located in Europe, North America,
Australia, Singapore. Others considered case by case.
Documents Needed To Start The Process:
KYC signed in wet blue ink, Include: Passport, Bank Account Statement, Bank Comfort Letter
Signed By Two Bank Officers in wet blue ink, Two Bank Officers Business Cards

Applicant / Bank Account holder submits the required documents for due diligence
KYC signed in wet blue ink
BANK COMFORT LETTER ( Sample Attached ) signed by two bank officers
Account holder signs consulting profit participation agreement (“PIMA”) 20% for
platform. Profits Split 80 % Applicant / 20 % Platform
Application Documents are submitted to compliance
Include Any Broker Fee Agreements
Platform Compliance conducts due diligence can take up to 5 days
Upon approval a contract is offered. The contract is reviewed by the applicant and direct
communication with trade platform and trader begins.
Contract signed and returned.
Emails exchanged between the Applicant’s Bank Officer and the Trader’s Bank Officer
as needed.
Trading commences the following Monday.
Platform Paymaster Disburses The Profits To The Applicant And Brokers
Profits are wire transferred to the applicants and brokers designated bank accounts.
Platform Will Honor All Private Fee Agreements Between Applicant And Brokers
This is a lifetime relationship between the Applicant and the Trader
The Applicant is required to donate 25 % of their net profits to a UN project of their choice

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