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Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

Thank you for inquiring about Project funding opportunities being facilitated by my company, Spirit to Wealth Ltd. While we strive to create change and an overall positive impact post Pandemic. These funding opportunities within will remains open by invitation only to private companies and Individuals within my direct network. Please read this email entirely and advise if you have questions about the information. I will gladly address your questions via email and arrange phone call with you.

If you'd like to become a Referral Consultant where you can expect to earn a significant amount of income ( potentially MILLIONS of Dollars) your company will be compensated by my company and our partnership companies. Please indicate your client base and years of relevant experience in your email introduction. The service we provide includes formation of new corporate bank accounts in EU as well as offshore accounts.

Dear Partners, Consultants, Associates & Readers,

I'm extremely excited to advise my company has streamlined our process to ensure all of our trusted partners, clients as well as future clients can obtain funding on a non recourse basis making this extremely advantageous for Corporations who seek capital for their most important projects.

My company, Spirit to Wealth LTD proudly announces we've signed a Joint Venture Partnership agreement and are positively placed within the Private Financial services market. APPLICANTS are welcome to apply and follow direct instruction to ensure success. We are offering non Recourse Project Funding also known as GRANT FUNDING to select principals that have the need to expand their business operations. Although there is no repayment of debt, we may structure an equity position / shares in your company. The equity/ shares will be finalized with our attorneys in the first quarter of 2021 when travel restrictions ease up around the world. Although not set in stone, its based on the project industry and our mutual vested interest.

The minimum amount required for this transaction to take place issued in your MOU as a fully refundable deposit is 250,000 Euro. From this amount your company will obtain no less than 8 million dollars of funding completed in thirty days. The more capital you place as your refundable deposit, the larger the transaction will become which gives your company more capital for your project.

RECENT EXCITING NEWS I've become a principal provider/ JV partner with two European private companies that can obtain non recourse funding / grant funding for a smaller contribution of 65,000 USD/EURO for bank fees to acquire a 100 million face value bank instrument from Top AA rated banks. Once acquired and sent to the funding bank via Swift Mt 760 , their lenders will complete the funding in 5-7 days. Both companies have substantial credit facilities capable of accommodating your project once you're accepted by our team. Compared to the funding that I've arranged with my contractual Joint Venture partners, this 65.000 is considered a non refundable deposit.

Results with funding in less than 20 days.

RESULT WITH FINANCING These structures of NON RECOURSE Project Funding will allocate to your company over 120 million of funding. NO REPAYMENT OF DEBT/ GRANT FUNDING. This will be accomplished in two back to back consecutive cycles, with the first payment occurring in 20 bank days.

GLOBAL MISSION Our goal is to continue to provide relief and continue to guide ready, willing and able principals and as many people as humanly possible who wish to follow our guidance and utilize our expertise in allocating capital to their companies. We can also accommodate you with bank accounts and advisory services.

These funding opportunities allow for economic restructuring to take place worldwide after enduring this global health crisis which has caused massive turmoil and the need for greater good to emerge to help humanity rebuild our communities.

We look forward to assisting your goals and changing the world !

Intermediaries are welcome and fully protected to be compensated. You must fully vet your clients. This ensures a positive outcome and to ensure clients understand the process.


Stay healthy and well.

Alanna Martin
CEO & Director
Project Funding Consultant
Direct Line: 647 667 3417 WHATSAPP

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