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#417868 by Troy Platt Wed Sep 30, 2020 7:42 am
From: CHARLES ROBERTS <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2020 23:15:04 +0100


Our Financier who has his office in the USA sent us this proposal
below to get him serious Sellers of Venezuelan Currency Bolivar
Soberanos and if you can get us a reliable seller within Venezuela he
is willing to pay you and us commission on the deal.

Kindly read below the offer I Quote

"We are currently buying BOLIVAR to any volume and can pay the USD
equivalent of the Bolivars from outside Venezuela from our various
Banks here in the USA or ING Bank in Amsterdam The Netherlands. We are
the end buying company and not a broker or mandates.

If you have any reliable Seller of BOLIVAR we are willing to buy
immediately and our Buying rate today is 355+ 5 BSS to 1 Euro with 5 BSS
per Euro as commission to any intermediary or Broker that bring the
right seller to us in Venezuela making it 350 BSS to 1 Euro Nett to us.

We are buying this cheaper than the normal Black Market rate of
Caracas because we are not buying to resell but to move our stucked
Euro inside 5 Venezuelan Banks out of Venezuela at the same rate the
currency was 3 yrs ago before the Economic problem hit Venezuela.

We can also do much more better on exchange rate depending on the
amount of BOLIVARS the seller is willing to offer to sell to us in

I have attach our Draft Contract and any interested BSS Seller must
fill up but not signed and send me a copy to send to our office in
Caracas whereby our office shall fill up, sign and return back to the
Seller for final signing to enable us purchase all the BSS Seller's
Bolivars in less
than 48 Hrs from the time the Seller sign and return the copy back to
me here.

If you have a seller and willing to proceed kindly reply here with the
Draft Contract filled up and signed soonest.

As soon as the attached Draft is filled up and signed by the
interested sellers then us The Buyer here in the USA will countersign
and do the paying of the USD or Euro equivalent of the BSS either via our BOA
or Wells Fargo Bank Account here in the USA or from our HSBC London or
ING Bank Account Amsterdam to the sellers nominated Bank Account
anywhere in the world except war thorn Countries like Yemen and


If You have any serious BSS Seller get back to me so I can link You
directly to our financier the Buyer in The USA.

Kind Regards.

Charles Roberts

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