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#418534 by Carlabanker Mon Oct 12, 2020 1:05 pm
Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

Small cap trade program: 50,000 USD/Euro Min 100M USD/Euro Max
· CIS , Passport and POF is all that is needed to get into trade.
· Client sends the docs with full contact information to [email protected]
· Trade desk will schedule a call with the client to explain the program in great detail.
· if the clients want to continue, the desk will set up an account (clients own account, can be used like any other bank account) At that point the client has 24Hrs to transfer funds into THEIR own trade account. Once funds clear the trade will begin.
· Client can expect historical returns of 25-30%every two weeks. (more as funds build, assuming 50K is the starting amount)
· The trade will continue until the client opts out of the program.
· The funds will be compounding.
· Client can take proceeds out at any time as long as they do not fall below the original principle.
· Once client reaches certain levels the desk will talk to them about other options that will get them into bigger and better trades.
· This trade is set up to BUILD funds so that they can enter some of the main stream trade programs.
· This trade is set up so that the client Cannot lose their principle amount.
· Brokers =5%

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