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Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

Top Tear Sheet Program 10 Mio.

New Trade Program (PPP)
Investment: 10Million Euro
Term: First 10 days bullet, paying
Profit: 500% gross, 375% NET to Client that can be rolled over into
Term: Second 10 days bullet paying
Profit: 500% gross, 375% NET to client that can likewise be rolled over into a
Term: 40-weeks trade program, paying 50% gross a week

Costs and

Commission: 25%. This asset management and consultancy fees are paid by the platform as agreed by the separate agreement by the client, whereby all participants participate in a Limited Liability Partnership contract under English law.
For example: 1st bullet program 500% gross less 25% = 375% NET to client
For example: 2nd bullet program 500% gross less 25% = 375% NET to client
For example: 3rd program 40-weeks, 50% gross less 25% = 37,5% NET to client per week
Procedure: 1.Client submits required documents(KYC + Tear Sheet)
2.Normally approved through platform due diligence in 12 to 48 hours.
3.Client will be contacted by telephone for discussion with the hedge fund.
4.A verification meeting with the client’s bank relationship manager will be required at this stage.


•Attached CIS for Corporate and Individual
•Bank account statement, BCL(Bank Comfort Letter) current dated
•Copy of an email from the client’s bank account manager /RM addressed to, and received directly by, the client, confirming current account balance. Said email must be forwarded by the client to us for DD and compliance.
•Clients Passport Copy, Proof of Funds, business card, etc.

Funds never at risk

This is an opportunity for you and your clients to invest in a Platform Trade Program that does not involve Swift or Admin Hold. FUNDS ARE ALWAYS UNDER THE CONTROLE OF INVESTOR AND THEIR BANKERS. PLATFORM USES THEIR OWN CREDIT LINNES AND ASSETS. Platform can also assist with opening accounts with A / AA / AAA-rated banks. Access to the Program is obtained by a Master commitment Holder, the Trader, and the Hedge Fund principal 04 November 2020

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