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#419299 by Carlabanker Sat Oct 31, 2020 7:37 am
Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

TEAR SHEET (Bank Statement) Trade program 1 M to 99M
This tears sheet program is available now.
Only LOI attached with Up-to-date Proof of Funds and Passport Copy. Show Real Proof of Funds not from Securities Company Etc. After compliance accpetance the contract will be issued direct from trader will contact to client. I am direct to complaince officer.
Return 100% First Month which can be paid or added to the Investment. Then 25% per/month after that.

The owner would need to give there full KYC package to include the clear passport copy, proof of funds signed by two Bank officers business cards and there ID numbers. If needed I can send you bank KYC package either corpoate or individual.

The tear Sheet trade is a very secure good option and from reliable platform of whom i am direct to view the platform compiance officers.

After Due-digiilence on the client/owner of cash funds the platform compliance will give the trade returns in writting in a ICPOA/FPA will have platform officer passport, email informtion or any intermedaite/brokers involved as of me. After the trader/head of compliance will call the client/owner of the Cash Funds to explain the trade contract and anything the client/owner want to ask the Trade.

#419725 by Carlabanker Tue Nov 10, 2020 12:57 pm
His new scam:

In this program it is enough if the client has € / $ 10Mio or more in cash funds to be able to participate and to go into trading.

The client needs only to send a MT 799 blocked funds if the cash funds are deposited in a good rated bank.

The present offer is starting with a bullet program which will give a 10 times return based on the trading capital over an initial 30 day period. Thereafter the client will
enter a 40 week program with the accumulated trading profits from the bullet program so the leverage will be considerable when compared to the initial amount.

The 40 week program will pay in the region between 70 % - 80 % / Month minus a 20 % profit sharing. Out of the 20 %, your team will have 5 % for introducing the
client(s) and our team will have 5% to paid by the client. Bi weekly payouts after the 40 week program has started so the first payout will be after 30 banking days + 10
banking days and thereafter every 10 banking days/2 weeks.

From the client side :
A fresh KYC including the ATV of two bank officers full contact details for the verification.
A fresh bank statement showing the cash funds.
A fresh BCL signed by 2 bank officers confirming they are RWA to send a MT 799 blocked funds .
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