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Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

Private Placement Program (PPP)
We have our own Major Platform that controls several Private Placement Programs (PPP) conducted by AAA / AA rated European Prime Banks or/and Prime Banks in Switzerland, Germany, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and USA. Our resource offers qualified investors with assets of MINIMUM of USD/EUR 100M (or more) an opportunity to participate in several secured private placement opportunities. Our asset manager who has registered traders in key money centers around the world can execute on behalf of his clients various trade programs that offer returns that can only be understood by investors who are privy and knowledgeable about the working of these transactions. This opportunity offers zero risk to clients or investors funds that remains in clients account and never leaves owners control.

Our Platform in Switzerland is an active participant in buy sell opportunities and is an active cutting house for these bank debentures. We do not offer extensive public information on these programs as they are indeed private and cannot be solicited.

We have active programs that clients can get up and running in as little as 10 days. We do not believe in hype but actual performance history of our Platform.

Services - An investment trading program project /Financial opportunity for PPP (Investment works as leverage):

Our services broaden, if the Investor appreciate our away, Bass-Mint Management offers Investors the opportunity to constitute an important leverage of their investment, how it goes:

1. The proof of funds is done from the Investor’s bank account (Demonstration of the applicant investment capacity).
2. The funds are reserved via MT760.
3. The funds are never at risk.
4. The returns may vary from 25% to 100%.
5. The duration is between 10 to 40 weeks

CANADA: 6060 Metropolitan EST, Suite 100 Montreal, QC, H1S 1A9 Canada
SWITZERLAND: Avenue de la Gare 1, 1700 Fribourg Fribourg Switzerland
FRANCE:4, rue des Noisetiers 95140 Garges Les Gonesse France
Tel : +(438) 994-4099 Fax :+(514) 253-9414 e-mail : [email protected]
SKYPE : BassMint.Management.Group


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