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#423596 by Carlabanker Wed Feb 17, 2021 4:52 am
Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

• Entrance with 250 K USD/EUR minimum Small Cap Entry, which
goes into a “Big Cap" Buy-Sell type trade (2- 8 trades daily). 20 M
max. entry.
• Client cash asset secures a leased 1000 X SBLC from a Top-Rated
• The 12% lease fee is taken out of the client’s first payout. The
leased instrument will be monetized at 50%.
• In case of a minimum “entrance fee” of 250 K the face value of the
leased instrument will be 250 M USD/EUR. The platform then
guarantees they will return at least 40%, giving the client a
minimum of 50 M USD/EUR per month for 10 months.
• Clients funds need to be moved to an attorney trust account in the
US, UK or Germany. Initial Funds are 100% insured by a subsidiary
of Lloyd's of London.
• Once the client is accepted by compliance, they will receive a call
from the trade group. All details will be provided, and all questions
answered. When the client accepts the terms, it is put on a fast
track to trade.
• REQUIRED DOCS: To proceed submit KYC no more than 3 days old
(wet blue ink signatures and 2 banker business cards), plus client(s)
letter of exclusivity.
• Contact for more details:

Email: [email protected] / whatsapp/Signal: +254712608090

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