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#424328 by Carlabanker Sun Mar 14, 2021 5:53 am
Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

Goes even with banks that are not among the top 50.
We have a “CASH stream” on offer.
Transaction format: JV partnership with Platform
Trading bank: DBS Singapore
Agreement type: Operational trade agreement is a Bank contact
No “Best Efforts”: Performance is ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED by one of the strongest banks in the world
(Actively transacted in its entirety with live bank transaction code)
Terms: Required BCL Funds Confirmation
No Hold & No Block but MT799 POF each Friday
ROI rate: 25% trade gross per week
Trade duration: 40 trade weeks
Compounding rate: Trade monthly
ROI delivery rate: Trade weekly
Minimum in cash: 100M in EUR or USD, preferably the former
Profitability: Every CASH €100M Compounds in 40 weeks to at least €48B net to the Client (ie, after profit distribution and commissions paid)
Validity of offer: This trade program is scheduled for Expiry at end-March 2021 unless fully subscribed earlier.

#424329 by Carlabanker Sun Mar 14, 2021 5:56 am
other name with the same email address: Per Schulz

(Other funds are also recycled! We can help!)

An official solution is offered to the Heritage Funds Holders. This solution designated implies a prior allocation of funds to the

Chinese Government in the following ratio:

- Chinese Government: 90%

- Heritage Funds Holder: 10%

This official exchange program, conducted in complete agreement and participation of Chinese Government and Chinese Treasury allows to free 10% of the amount Heritage Funds the benefit of its Holder, who receives his 10% on a current normal account opened in the same custodian bank.

A support platform that specializes in complex financial transactions will help them to advise you step by step.

This sum of 10% paid in cash to the former Heritage Funds Holder is then intended for participation in an OFFICIAL TRADE PROGRAM authorized by the Chinese Government.

The profits from the trading programs with the 10% from the company are realized and are then completely free for the beneficiary!


This first step concerns the monetization sharing 90-10 of the Heritage Funds between the Chinese Treasury and the Holder of those funds.


This second step concerns the closing procedure based on the 10% free funds to the benefit of the Owner of the former Heritage Funds Holder.


There is no risk for the SENDER, he can only win. This transaction takes place within the SENDER’s bank, so the SENDER’s bank has full control over this transaction and provides all securities. The SENDER’s bank will confirm that the recipient's account is a special Government account. Before the transfer to the Government account, there will be B2B communication. If the Service Provider does not transfer the free transferable cash money for each tranche to the Funds Provider within 3-10 days, the Bank Officer of Service Provider will immediately transfer the full amount back to the bank account of Funds Provider.


In the event that the SENDER’s bank Bank Officers have any difficulties or problems,

the Funds Provider will need to write a letter with a brief explanation attaching copies

of the Business Cards of the SENDER’s bank and the Service Provider will come

personally to the SENDER’s bank or will send a specialized Bank Officer from Bank

Control to support the transfer from Funds Provider in all ways. The Funds Provider is

aware that it is a transaction to a Government account, so he can be sure to receive all

the help needed to successfully complete the transaction. On the other hand, the

Funds Provider will support the Service Provider and the Government Representatives

in everything. If necessary, Funds Provider will go to the bank together with Service

Provider and the other authorities to push the first tranche through.


This step concerns the trade program based on the 10% free funds now in the name of the former Heritage Funds Holder.


Heritage Funds amount: 100 B. USD

SENDER’s free Portion (10%): 10 B. USD

Additional trade Gross profit: 3 B. USD

(30% x 3 B. USD) x 10

Additional trade Net profit: 2,82 B. USD (94% x 3 B. USD)

[ 1% intermediary+5% positive impact projects word wide]

TOTAL NET for SENDER after 10 months: 31,2 B. USD*

* This calculation does not take into account the possibilities of entering in a bullet during the trade period according to the opportunities offered by the Trader.

Everything is free for the owner! Exact sequence at: [email protected]
#424330 by Carlabanker Sun Mar 14, 2021 5:58 am
another scam from Per Schulz - aka Gabi Wolf

Tearsheet program 1500% - 75 Day Program-Cash or Instruments

Further to your request please find this trade fact sheet for your perusal:
Description: Cash on Account weekly POF Bank to Bank 20% a day for 75 Days, no block no swift
Security: Investor funds remain in account unmoved
Banks/Type: Cash Only from Top Banks in USA, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore
Value: 100m up to 5b, $USD, € EURO, £ Pound Sterling. Larger values on request.
Instruments from 250M
Duration: Evidence of Funds for 75 Banking Days
Contract: The Investor signs the contract with the Trader, and said contract will specify the “principal”
amount as well as the extraordinary 20% daily “profits” for the Investor on the Program.
Documents: The Investor provides KYC, less than 3 days Bank Statement, BCL Bank Letter via their banker to the Account holder sent forward to trade desk with full email details intact unredacted...

Info: [email protected]

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