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#424493 by Carlabanker Wed Mar 24, 2021 7:00 am
Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

This programme has been approved by HSBC for the intake officer.
NO Blocking / NO Hold / NO Capital Transfer / NO Upfront Fees
Simply a weekly SWIFT MT 799 confirmation that funds held on account.
This Small-Cap Program has been running since September last and there are always a limited number of places
available. Minimum entry is from 5M in readiness for an initial 3x 10-day Spot/Bullet Trade x 200% per each
Trade followed by 40-week program. (Based on historical returns and best efforts.) The Client will enter into a
JVA on an 83:17 basis. Separate Platform Operational Fees are charged at a rate of 3% of total earnings.
Investor final amount therefor is an 80:20 split.
Once accepted, client will be required to have his bank submit a weekly MT799 every Friday. Please note:
Client Funds remain in the account for the duration of the Spot/Bullet Trades.
Example 5M investment…USD/EUR/GBP
First bullet – 5m x 200% 10 days banking days – capital increases to 15M
Second bullet – 15m x 200% 10 banking days - capital increases to 45M
Third bullet - 45M x 200% 10 banking days – capital increases to 135M
Thereby, in 30 banking days (45 days) accelerated ‘gross’ earnings total 130M, less JVA Split of 17% + 3% Platform Operational Fees. Nett to Investor 104M as per currency placed - USD/EUR/GBP.
Following the Spot/Bullet Trades, none, some, or all of the profits can be withdrawn, providing a minimum
100M remains for the 40-week trade. The Transaction Bank is HSBC, London
Either: Full CIS + LOI & POF + BO Cards
Strong banks in good jurisdictions – ideally top 50
Ability to send weekly MT799 to Trade Desk/Transaction Bank.
1. Client Submits CIS/KYC, LOI, POF
2. Client signs a 17% JVA with the trade group and a separate PPA for compliance/intake for 3%
3. Compliance Checks conducted by platform.
Attorney for platform will contact client and provide full details, including Spot/Bullet and available
subsequent large cap trades.
4. Trader call
5. Contract Issued
6. Upon receipt the 30-Banking Day Spot/Bullet Trade begins.
Please only principal or direct to principal should Pm me

#425280 by Carlabanker Tue May 04, 2021 11:53 am
His new scam:

The following trade program is now available for interested parties.No broker strings will be accomodated.Only serious clients.
Minimum/Maximum Investment: $1M to $49M in one group and $50M to $99M in another (can be in USD, Euros or GBP).
Qualifying Banks: All banks should be accepted (including Islamic banks)
Swift/Holds: None, account is mirrored. Funds are not moved and remain in the clients own account
Approx. Returns: Investments of 1M – 49M will return minimum 20% per week. Investments of 50M – 99M will return minimum 50% per week (as in the past, stated returns may be higher).
Special Program (with considerably more returns) if your money or subsequent return is with the following banks:
- Credit Suisse (Switzerland-Zurich)
- Deutsche Bank (Singapore)
- HSBC; JPMorgan Chase; Barclays Bank (London)
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