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#425695 by Carlabanker Thu May 27, 2021 5:00 pm
Unique Small - Large Cap MTN Buy - Sell
Trading Program For 2021
London Small Cap MTN Trading Program

Capital & Profits Guaranteed by Trading Bank
MTN Buy / Sell Program

Here is a fantastic opportunity for Small Cap to Large Cap Investors to participate in an MTN Buy / Sell Trading Program.

This is an established ongoing program. It is a secure offering that provides a CAPITAL & PROFITS GUARANTEED.

Very few investment programs offer a capital and investment guarantee.

The program is run through one of London’s' top trading banks and offers an excellent opportunity to earn Above-Average Returns.

Clients may present a PoF in another currency, and then after approval swap their currency into the agreed currency and then send the funds to their Trading Account.

Clients' funds and returns are protected by the trading bank up to £50 Million per account. This is a unique offer with a Capital Guarantee.

Clients are required to open a new Trading Bank Account, hereafter "Investment Account", which shall be used SOLELY for the purpose of the Investment Trading Activities (Buy and Sell of Medium-Term Notes Units).

This is done by the provider/platform. The client does not need to do anything it is all taken care of for them.

Clients can invest in British Pounds, US Dollars, and EUR Dollars.

The Minimum Investment is 1 Million for each of the currencies.

Returns differ for each of the three currencies and depending on the amount. Minimum returns are 25% per week compound, on a 5 week cycle for each of the currencies.

Max returns for GBP 80% per week compound, paid on a 5 week cycle.
Max returns for EUR is 80% per week compound, paid on a 5 week cycle.
Max returns for USD is 70% per week compound, paid on 5 week cycle.

When you do your calculations, these are higher returns than a PPP for 100M+ and why we state this is an excellent investment to earn Above-Average Returns.

All the returns and information is contained in the Term Sheet which you can download and review.

Paul Mountford
Esperance House Financial Group
Email [email protected]
Skype esperanesa
+507 6262 4731

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