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#425907 by Carlabanker Sun Jun 06, 2021 3:57 am
Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

Compounding Trade Program for Clients with Instruments to Set up a Trade, $100M is the Minimum.

* Every $100M SBLC Tranche Becomes $70 Billion in 40 Weeks.
* The Compounding element of this trade will surpass any returns of ANY bullet trade.
* Our Trader will monetize the instrument and then enter the client into Trade.
* Once the instrument is monetized, the following trade option is available for the client! They can take both the SBLC, Bank Draft, and the MTN.
* SBLC's, Bank Guarantees, MTN's, Bank Drafts can be monetized and placed into Trade- LTV's are as follows:
- SBLC's/BG's -70%
- MTN's, Bank Drafts- 50%-60%
* Currency: Euro/USD from Top 25 World Banks.
* Returns are Guaranteed.
* Returns are Fully Compoundable - Client can roll all of the returns or a percentage of the returns back into trade for the next months trade cycle.
* Payouts are weekly or monthly depending on the Trade Program structure.

For more information, Contact us at: [email protected]

#427139 by Carlabanker Tue Jul 27, 2021 4:51 am
His new scam:

300% Cash Trade Program

$100M, $250M, $500M, $650M, $1B, $2B, $5B revenue projections for 300% cash Trade program.
Here is the 300% Trade Program that Nets 240% a month or can be paid weekly.

Here is the requested information on the different size packages for your client. We have this trade program currently running that does not require a SWIFT nor are the funds blocked. THE FUNDS DO NOT NEED TO BE MOVED. The investor must be working directly with their banker to make this work.

The minimum is $100M and no maximum at this time. This program pays 300% per month gross minus 20% which = Net 240% Monthly. The Client can also be paid weekly. We will need to speak directly with the signatory of each file. Please provide the following:

1). Complete KYC signed in blue ink. (Corporate or Individual KYC to be filled out.
2). Current Account Statement.
3). Passport
4). 2 Bank officer Business Cards.
5). The direct telephone number with the email of the signatory.
6). Fill out the email format for your Banker (enclosed)
7). A copy of the procedures of the 300% Cash Trade Program are enclosed for your review.

Client will need KYC, POF and PP. This will Trigger a call from the Trade Group. Which will explain to your client that he will now need an Updated Bank Statement & BCL.

Contact us: [email protected]
#428133 by Grusskire Wed Sep 15, 2021 3:29 am
From: [email protected] via
Date: 12 September 2021, 9:29 AM
Subject: Re:

Small Cap Tear Sheet Trade Program - Minimum $10 Million to $99Million
Investors/Clients Cash Funds to remain in their own Bank Account
Please find below the overview for a minimum ($ £) 10 million Small Cap Tear Sheet Trade Program with exceptional returns. Funds must be at one of the "Top 100 banks" and of acceptable jurisdiction (no Chinese Banks or banks that are not top 100).
➢ Minimum Investment = $10 Million (USD/EUR equivalent), (Top 100 banks only, No-Chinese Banks
including HK).
➢ Bullet earns 500% for a 10 Banking Day (2 weeks) period ($10 million Return on investment B $50
➢ Investor can compound the above by doing the Bullet 2 x more times.
➢ Projected returns are assuming client is doing the Bullet 5 x times, for 30 Banking Days (6 weeks).
➢ Program has no project requirements.
➢ Investor agrees to 80%/20% Profit Sharing Arrangement on all returns with the Trade Platform
Example on $10 Million
Bullet 1: $10 million x 500% after 10 Banking Days (2 weeks) = Trade Return on Investment $50
million plus $10 million investment ($60 million is now available for Bullet 2).
Bullet 2: $60 million x 500% after 10 Banking Days (2 weeks) equals Trade Return on Investment
$300 million plus $60 million investment ($360 million is now available for Bullet 3).
Bullet 3: $360 million x 500% after 10 Banking Days (2 weeks) = Trade Return on Investment
$1.810B plus $360 million investment 2.16 billion in gross.
Total of Bullet 1-3: $10 million investment and after 40 weeks Trade, there is an 80% split 20% platform / 80% clients on all trade returns net, net yield to client is $ 14,480,000,000 B plus client retains the original investment of 10,000,000.00 into trade.
Requirements from Investor/Client
-Require full CIS/KYC (Corporate / Individual CIS/KYC Templates available on request, along with
-2 bank officers business cards,
-Investor/Clients Proof of Life, and current Tear Sheet, and BCL, RWA will be
called for or even a Ping on account arrangement depending on bank and country funds are in.
No Swift of POF required.

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