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#426079 by bhxluca Tue Jun 15, 2021 5:27 am
I'm new to this forum but I want to post about this financial scam which I received by email.
The man, claiming by his sender name to be Ryan Becken said he was sick and dying, he then went on to say he had $200,000,000 and that he wanted to dispose of his funds after he had passed away.
He also said he had instructed his lawyer to have an arrangement and use the code in the email, here is the full email for you to read. I have since seeing as he gave himself away to where he found my email address taken measures to prevent this from happening again.
The email sent 9th June @ 09:28 British Time:
Hello there,
Without much talk and explanation, I'm a sick man and I'm dying, which after today you may not hear from me again, I have the sum of over $200,000,000 million dollars in my account, and I have thought a lot on how to dispose It, I have entrusted half of this money to any reliable orphanage home, and this is not for you to think of scam or no scam, this is a chance for you to honor a dying man wishes and help dispose this funds as I have instructed my lawyer to have an arrangement with you which I will be giving you code that he will require to know I was the one that sent you to him, and I saw your contact email on Instagram, which you have a potential that may time to develop.
Login into the account on your computer or desktop to view how much I will be leaving behind. Note that this can't be transferred by you until you contact my lawyer on the necessary steps and documents on how get the money, this money have been on my reserve account since 2017 in my Australia account.
I assure you that there is nothing for you to fear or suspect, because I have make sure everything will done legally by my lawyer, let's just say I'm choosing a stranger to have an opportunity to raise and have a rich generation, this is my way of passing on my will, you where chosen for a great cause, hope you make good use of this opportunity.
Account details:
Email: [email protected]
Password: 7069360469
Lawyer contact email:
[email protected]
Best Regards,
Ryan Becken
[email protected]
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This is most definitely a scam

[b]Be Careful! The scammers listed above may have fake details, do not tell them they are on this forum as it gives them a chance to change their details![/b]

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