Check Scams, Debt Collection scams and other financial scams.
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Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

We are connected to a large network of banks, financial institutions and lenders that cover a broad spectrum of Personal and Business funding.

Our patented application and processing systems can reach deeper and faster into lending and banking networks than any other available system online. It works in private mode to bypass filters and online checkpoints, so we can simultaneously and effectively reach more lending institutions, get you much more money than normally available and get you better rates. With Pennington Consultant Group , you have the following:

* Better chance to qualify.

* More funding choices.

* Multiple funding deposits.

* Preparation for future lending options.

* Preserve your credit score during the application process.

Let’s connect!!! USA and CANADA

Minimum FICO score 620 or higher across all 3 Credit Bureau’s

Must have credit card history for at least 90 days.

No late payments within 6 months

bankruptcy 2 years old accepted

Credit Utilization at 50% or less.

Not too many inquiries within the last 6 months

No open accounts least than 90 days old.

Offering personal loans up to $250K. Business Loans up to $6 million or more at least one year in business and have $10K a month cashflow.

(low documents)

Expanding a Business

Starting a Business

Personal Loans

Business Loans

Personal Lines of Credit

Business Lines of Credit

Commercial Real Estate Loan

Corporate Revenue Based Loan

Asset Based Financing

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic approval can take up to 7 days

Send me an email for private assessment consolation

[email protected]


I can assist in helping you get the financing for Large Commercial Real Estate Project’s and Large Development Project’s . I am in direct contact with an Investor that has connections to International Private Investors. Don’t send me no documents or proposals it will not be entertained we have a 10 question questionnaire to answer accordingly. Send me an email or direct message me for private consolation.

FRESH CUT SBLC for purchase only. All leasing instruments is suspended due to the current market conditions.
WhatsApp me if interested +1-434-471-3397 or send me an email
[email protected]


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