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Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

Minimum $10 Million to $99Million
Investors/Clients Cash Funds to remain in their own Bank Account
Please find below the overview for a minimum ($, €, £) 10 million Small Cap Tear Sheet
Trade Program with exceptional returns. Funds must be at one of the "Top 100 banks" and
of acceptable jurisdiction (no Chinese Banks or banks that are not top 100).
- Minimum Investment = $10 Million (USD/EUR equivalent), (Top 100 banks only, NoChinese Banks including HK).
- Bullet earns 500% for a 10 Banking Day (2 weeks) period ($10 million Return on
investment → $50 million).
- Investor can compound the above by doing the Bullet 2 x more times.
- Projected returns are assuming client is doing the Bullet 5 x times, for 30 Banking
Days (6 weeks).
- Program has no project requirements.
- Investor agrees to 80%/20% Profit Sharing Arrangement on all returns with the
Trade Platform
Example on $10 Million
Bullet 1 $10 million x 500% after 10 Banking Days (2 weeks) = Trade Return on Investment
$50 million plus $10 million investment
($60 million is now available for Bullet 2).
Bullet 2 $60 million x 500% after 10 Banking Days (2 weeks) equals Trade Return on
Investment, $300 million plus $60 million investment
($360 million is now available for Bullet 3).
Bullet 3 $360 million x 500% after 10 Banking Days (2 weeks) = Trade Return on Investment
$1.8 Billion plus $360 million investment 2.16 Billion in gross,
Total of Bullet 1-3 $10 million investment makes 2,16 Billion returns and
after 40 weeks Trade with minimum 100% monthly: 21,6 Billion
there is an 80/20 split client / platform net yield to client: 17,28 Billion ($ 17,280,000,000)
Deduction of Trade Platform & Traders agreed 80/20 profit share occurs whenever the investor
makes a withdrawal.
Return on Investment is payable to Investor at end of each 30 Banking Days
Requirements from Investor/Client
1. Full KYC Corporate / Individual KYC specifics Templates of this proposal.
2. Two bank officers business cards.
3. Investor Proof of Life, (HQ photo of FACE + Passport + Current-Date
4. POF: Current Tear Sheet or Screenshot Online Bank Statement showing
complete screen with date and time.
5. BCL attached format is required for or even a Ping on account arrangement
depending on bank and country funds are in.
6. Resent bank email where the client receives the BCL from his banker.
7. Wet blue ink sign and initial and company seal throughout the entire KYC.
8. Tear sheet, BCL, POL and KYC dated same day.
Note: All financial documents and proof of life photo, along with the CIS/KYC to be obtained
and dated with the same date.

Mariano Enrique Marin
KRC International Projects Ltd
Skype: atenea.27
Tel: +34658957961


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