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#428717 by Carlabanker Tue Oct 26, 2021 4:22 am
Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

Ladies and Gentlemen
We invite, you to participate in the most exclusive, financial opportunity.
Text below is brief description of this opportunity.

The drowdown need min.1 billion USD/Euro, contract first 60 days with rolls &extensions . to 300 days. Profit 120% in 60 days, payment each day 20 million= 6 billion in 300 days. But you are able to enter in the second 60 days with 2 billion .In this case you get 2.4 billion after the second 60 days , each day 40 million etc.
The owner of. capital is never blocked in this contract, the owner of the capital is able to enter simultanusly in a trade and get more profit. Client's funds remain.on xlient's account and never moved. NO BLOCK, ZERO RISK!!!
For more information please send message to [email protected]
Hope to establish long term, mutually beneficial cooperation. All the best and kind regards, Ivan Guliaev.
Your timely reply will be appreciated.

#429178 by Carlabanker Tue Nov 23, 2021 3:50 pm
His new scam:

Gentlemen! This is the last offer in the outgoing year, it is short-term. In December, work only with large capital.
min: 10m
max: 99m
term: 10 banking days
Profit: 500%
No MT 760, only POF

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