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#430239 by Carlabanker Tue Jan 11, 2022 12:54 pm
Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

Trade Program for Top World Banks (including top banks in Indian). Most accounts will require No SWIFT and No Blocking.
It is expected the trade program will close very quickly, so if you are interested, please send me your application ASAP.
Top 100 World Banks AND Top Indian Banks Tearsheet Trade Program - $1M USD - $50M USD
This Trade Program for Top 100 World Bank Accounts AND Top Indian Banks is expected to close very soon - Please apply ASAP if you are interested
· No Upfront Fees
· Minimum $1M USD
· Maximum $50M USD
· Initial Amount / Startup Capital must be maintained in your bank account for the entire year of trade
· Admin Hold required
· Most accounts will not require SWIFT
· No Money Moves
Application Requirements:
- KYC (attached)
- 2 Banker Business Cards
- Current date Bank statement required
- 15% Profit Sharing Fee Agreement (Referring Brokers will be paid from this as well)
☆ Profit distribution:
42.5% Profit for Client (after 7.5% (15% of what client receives) profit sharing with promoter and referring brokers)
Other portion:
40% to Platform
10% to trade introducers
Example for 1M USD Trade Investment*
*based on historical data; your exact returns will be outlined in the contract with the trade platform.
· 10 Day Bullet – 225% NET (after commissions) = $1,912,500 paid to client (after Fees) – paid after 10 days
· Followed by 40 week program, 75% NET weekly (after commissions) = $637,500 paid to client weekly (after fees) for 40 weeks
TOTAL of $27,412,500 paid to Client over 1 year
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