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Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

TTM is the KEY..!
Below is the offer which i can manage and arrange for your client if they are real. There is No upfront fee involved at any point in any case.
client first need to meet me and provide substantial documents as required for the transaction. He also need to show evidence that for what purpose the BG SBLC as collateral is required. If client is depending upon bank loan from the credit line facility then he need to provide the credit facility term sheet in the TTM. (We can help the client getting line of credit facility at his bank, from conditionally approved to the next level of Approved and then getting sanctioned).
After TTM, client need to submit LOI and compliance documents and a BCL for DD purpose. (If the client have line of credit facility at his bank but his bank is not into a practice of issuing BCL then we have other alternative solution for that which we may propose at the TTM).
Please read the below steps.
1. TTM (client invites and have face to face meeting and provide project details / documents along with bank credit line facility term sheet)
2. Client submits LOI / DOA with compliance documents and BCL and Indemnity Undertaking Bond.
3. Provider do due diligence and upon satisfactory due diligence, provider accept the DOA and countersign and send back.
4. Provider bank sends RWA Pre Advice MT799.
5. Client bank reply with RWA acceptance and Payment Undertaking / Commitment via swift MT799.
6. Provider bank issue and deliver BG SBLC via swift MT760.
7. Client bank upon receipt and authentication of MT760 shall pay and release the agreed payments to the provider within agreed time.
8. Deal close.
Issuing banks : all top prime 50 banks of WEB or World.
Cash Back Fresh Cut Only
Minimum 10M USD / Maximum as per available portfolio.
Lease fee 15+2 (1% of client side is open)
Another option for lease instruments BG SBLC from Prime Banks is as below.
(1% Escrow account at any reputable Law Firm of client's Choice in Singapore only). This 1% if for the cost to cover the swift transmission charges.
This option is also available and very much workable if client understand and agrees to comply.
Law Firm will be of client's choice and 1% of the face value need to be deposited with the law firm escrow account and law firm need to provide Law firm Undertaking.
Below is the step by step procedure:
1. TTM in Singapore (client invites me and have meeting and provide Term sheet of the credit line facility proving that they have loan approval or even conditional approval and project details documents and bank statement showing available cash for 1% of the required face value and the name of their appointed Singapore based Law Firm).
2. Contract signed.
3. Client deposit 1% of the face value in cash with their own appointed Singapore based Law Firm and provides us with the Law Firm Conditional Payment Undertaking.
4. Our Law firm contacts the client's Law firm to verify and upon satisfactory answer, Issuer bank sends RWA Pre advice MT799 to the client bank.
5. Upon receipt of Pre advice MT799 from issuing bank, Client's law firm need to release 1% to the provider and client's bank need to reply back with RWA acceptance MT799 in agreed days.
6. Simultaneously, client need to manage and arrange the commitment for the remaining balance lease fee. (This commitment for the remaining lease fee can also be given by their same Law firm in Singapore or can be managed outside the bank in an acceptable way).
7. Once the commitment for the remaining lease fee is placed, issuer will get his bank to issue and deliver the MT760 to the client's bank.
8. Upon receipt and authentication of MT760, client's bank release the loan to the client and client then pay all the lease fee and consultancy fee in an agreed time.
Please Note: Client's Law Firm will be under obligation to pay and release the 1% to the provider / law firm upon once the client's receiving bank is in receipt of the RWA Pre advice MT799 from the issuing bank.
Issuing banks: DBS Singapore, Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas, Barclay, HSBC, Credit Suisse.
Cash Back Fresh Cut
Lease fee : 15+2
Minimum face value Contract and Tranche is 50M Euro.
Maximum is no limit.
Without TTM there will be no Deal. Nothing is negotiable.
We also have available offers for Cash back fresh cut Bank Guarantee BG for out right sale purchase @ 50+3. Issuing banks will be Top Prime WEB. Minimum contract 500M with minimum tranch of 100M Euro. (TTM + BCL is mandatory and required. After contract signed BCL need to be sent via swift MT799).
We are directly working with Asset Management Company and Cutting House through which High Net Worth Issuers have portfolios with different Banks.
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