Check Scams, Debt Collection scams and other financial scams.
#434731 by Carlabanker Sat Jun 18, 2022 3:15 am
Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

Esclusive strategies in great leverage to generate resources do not rembourse
Any great opportunities for partners and clients:

10X Small-Cap 1M Min to 10M Max (USD) – Funds Must Move.
Funds deposited to Attorney IOLTA Trust Account in New York at JP Morgan (JPM)
Other JPM correspondent locations may also be an option for deposit if approved.
10X Leverage. 1M Activates 10M SBLC to the Platform
10M Activates 100M SBLC to the Platform - Investor Participation is 58% of the SBLC Face.

Structured SBLC Program250K Min (EUR/USD) - Funds Must Move.
Funds deposited to platform account in the U.S. - Program under World Bank authority
250K Activates 250M SBLC to the Platform - 500K Activates 500M SBLC to the Platform
Investor Participation is 25% of the SBLC Face.

Small cap program partecipation quote 5ok £gs to obtain 450k euro leverage 19:1
Our strategy Best future fund with issuing sblc 10 millions euro and
his monetization in non recourse loan
we search partner 4/5 net for him ( 4 millions ) 1/5 for senatus- ltv 50% - cost of collateral do not anticipate, insert in the transaction – leverage 40:1- full package clients – lease sblc- monetization- new company and bank account free taxes- 4 levels security

New small cap program – Investment Bank Account. Very nice program, deposit to the bank account in London and have online access and add to the account or withdraw from the account. Roll-over funds and compound as desired – entering with 50k £- to obtain 456k euro within 12 months

Trading desk singapore bank- possibility to access in trading with Sblc a rating- good perform

Securitizations asset as real estate, painting, gold, - transform asset in bank paper bond

Issuing bank skr value to transform asset as strategic material , bond, real estate, etc
cost commission 2% payable within 6 months

Opportunities only for concrete clients- valuation only with full dossier

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