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#434889 by Carlabanker Mon Jun 27, 2022 5:31 am
Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

PPP from a unique trade platform which COMPOUNDS results.

When it comes to Private Placement Platforms, There are two things which make our programs unique:

1. Bank Guaranteed. Not a mere “Best Efforts” basis. These programs are different than almost every other trade opportunity because all Traders are bank employees. Therefore, the trading bank (DBS Singapore) is able to issue a Live Transaction Code. This means the bank is standing behind the performance of the Traders and their transactions. If they fail to perform as contracted, they can lose their license to operate. (They would never let that happen.)

2. Compoundability! For every other PPP, if you trade 100M, and it pays out 100% per month, you’ll make 100M per month. (1B over the 40-week period). With this program, your returns compound monthly. At the end of the first month, your 100M will become 200M. By the end of the second month, you’ll have 400M. Successive months will result in balances of 800M; 1.6B; 3.2B; 6.4B, etc.

The funds shoud be in Prime banks in Singapore, Hong kong, Europe, Australia, USA.

KYC and Bank tear sheet is required for compliance and due diligence.

Only serious clients to comunicate with me on my contact +971504559088

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