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#436511 by Carlabanker Mon Oct 17, 2022 2:20 am
Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

- Corporations and individuals may participate by invitation.
- Only cash accepted.
- Financial requirements: 1M - 100M Cash.
- Currency: US Dollars or Euros.
- Acceptable banks: Any international bank of good standing and reputation, chiefly Top 100 banks in
Europe, USA, Canada and Singapore, plus branch locations of major banks in Asia or Middle East (e.g., Credit Suisse, Dubai).
- No Russian or Chinese banks.
- Funds don’t move from clients’ accounts. The trader works with the Ping trade program. No SWIFT blocks.
- Program begins with daily ping trades of 120% up to 5-10 banking days with Rolls and Extensions (daily continuously) as the client deems fit.
- Based on the net cumulative value, the program pays NET returns of 120% daily. The NET returns to the client are 120% of the NET and 10% broker commissions.
- Payments are made daily. Clients may withdraw returns at any time, but the principal must remain in their account for the term/duration of the trade.
- Need CIS, BCL or RWA and latest Bank Statement stamped and signed by two bank officers not older than 3 days.
There is no set verbiage requirement for BCL/RWA.
- Trade Contract will follow.
- Money NEVER leaves the client account. Trader will Ping the account to check if the money is in the account.
The pay out is done this way; once all documents submitted for instance today and DD are positive
equally today or tomorrow, Tuesday, the trade contract emails to you the same or next day.
You return the signed contract the next day, say Thursday. Trade begins on Friday and the first payment of
120% ROI will be on Monday, Tuesday's trade pays out on Wednesday,
Wednesday's trade pays out on Thursday... In this manner to the end of your 5-10 banking days.
- No projects are necessary.
Example details of the $/€1Million Ping Trade Cash Asset program:
Amount: $/€1,000,000
Program duration: 10 banking days
Daily net return: 120% ($/€1,200,000)
Total return: $/€12,000,000 USD
Commissions 10%: $/€1,200,000 USD / $/€120,000 USD per day
Client Net: $/€10,800,000 USD / $/€1,080,000 USD per day
Documents Required for Ping Trade Cash Asset program:
1- CIS
2- BCL or RWA (There is no set verbiage requirement for BCL/RWA)
3- Latest Bank Statement stamped and signed by two bank officers not older than 3 days.
*Looking forward to receiving your submissions soon as the intakes closes officially on 15th October.*

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