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Cash Flow Specialists, LLC

Greetings and Salutations!
This is a New Funder for us as of October 2021. They fund globally.
Dear Joseph,
Basically what I am offering is a private loan and I do not have any restrictions. As a private lender I will consider any project presented to me and if it is something I cannot do then I will notify you.
The minimum USA loan amount that can be borrowed is $1M USD while the maximum amount is $50M+.
Yes, I do fund startups.
I work with all kind of clients that seek any types of financing.
Other than the USA and Canada, I can also transact business in Europe, Asia, Australia and Middle East.
I can consider Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, South America, but NOT Africa.
The interest rate I am offering is exactly 4.99% per annum.
All programs can be processed within a 4 day period. But for urgent requests I can process the loan within 48 working hours.
Fixed monthly payments. If you choose to repay your loan early, there are no early repayment penalty. 15-year term, interest only.
Your loan may be automatically extended if you don’t repay it in full, this may impact your credit score and cost you extra in fees and interest. Failure to pay could mean you face collection action.
*There is a 1% Origination Fee (first funded loan only) upon approval and before funding to insure you are serious and not wasting time.
In this case the fee will cover future financing applications by the client, as well as the current one. This means that if borrowers need additional funds in the future — even millions of dollars — they will not be charged another due-diligence fee.
They charge four points at closing. We ask for 5% commission from you to be wired by you as soon as you receive your funds.
*Underwriting takes two to four banking days and funding is three to seven banking days after the 1% Origination Fee clears.
Please email your Executive Summary and Use of Funds to: [email protected] (encrypted) or [email protected]
I’m located in California. I’m the former President of a Commercial Direct Lender and was Chairman of the loan committee.
We are directly appointed by five Self-Funders, eight Traditional Lenders, several Banking Instrument Providers and a few Monetizers.
If the borrower can follow our procedures, the borrower will get funded.
I can be reached at +1.925.352.6000 Direct or WhatsApp, BOTIM, Signal, IMO, Viber, Telegram, Messenger, or jptufo Skype from 8 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 6 pm Pacific Monday to Friday.
You can text or email and I will reply in one to two business days.
*NEW Structured Finance €50M to €500M, 2.5% interest only 15 years, then a balloon, 90 days total to fund, 1st tranche 3.5% minus 5% commission in about a month, 2nd tranche 15% minus 5% commission at about the end of the second month, the balance of 81.5% minus 5% commission at about 90 days, write for details.
Ask about our other services.
Inquiries from Africa, China, or India will have to evidence financial capacity to start communication.
I do the best I can to serve. If you want a narrative on my failures visit our website or ask for a copy of the narrative and testimonies.
We are uniquely able to address our clients’ individual needs and treat every transaction with the highest level of privacy and discretion.
My wishes for a long term relationship and participation with the project where we can bring additional value.
Here to serve.
We move at the speed of the client.
Joseph P. Tufo
Certified Cash Flow Specialist
Certified Capital Specialist
+1.925.352.6000 Direct, WhatsApp, Telegram, IMO, BOTIM, Messenger, Signal
Skype: jptufo
Please email your Executive Summary and Use of Funds to: [email protected] (encrypted) or [email protected]
Located in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.
You are welcome to text/email 24/7 and I will respond within one to two business days.
44 years experience in insurance, securities, commercial loans and project funding.
Disclaimer: The information contained on these pages is for educational use only, for the intended recipient. The sender is not a securities dealer, financial advisor, broker or titled entity. If you require financial advice, consult a licensed professional.

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