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455 W Mcpherson Hwy,Clyde
OH 43410-1009 USA
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Email: [email protected]


My Name is Adam Smith , i work with the Impact Credit Union online Bank,
am the Director Investment Management Department.

We are paying big in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Mining Investment, when
you invest small you earn more each day, we shall create an online
Banking account with your details. where you will have full access to
monitor your investment funds how it grows each day.

If you invest in cryptocurrency or Bitcoin Mining you will be having 10%
income each day of any amount you invest, if you invest from
$1,000.00usd you will be making $100usd each day, if you invest
10,000.00usd you will be making 1,000.00usd each day, if you invest
20,000.00 you will be making 2,000.00usd each day, more money you invest
more income you earn. and you will be able to monitor your investment
yourself from the online account we are going to create for you with the
login information.

I will be waiting for your reply for further details, if you have any
questions regarding the investment proceeding kindly ask.

Adam Smith
Director Impact Credit Union Bank.

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