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#8275 by Scam-Reporter Tue Mar 17, 2009 1:54 pm
A serious company would investigate and then address trustworthy potential partners directly instead of sending messages to random e-mail addresses, that the bots collected online. Just do the maths: if they pay between $ 15'000 and $ 50'000 a month, why don't they hire people and pay them $ 4000 a month, pay $ 2000 per month for the office, buy a table, a shelf, a phone and a computer and put the rest of the money into their own pockets? It's the same trick that scammers have used many times before. Do not fall for it!!!!!!!

Are you the owner of the business in the U.S.?
If yes, then pls consider a business proposal.

The European company Halarona Investments opens representative office
in the U.S. and is now active
Selection of existing business, which will represent our company in the United States.

How does it work?
What would reduce our costs at the opening of business in the U.S.,
selection of personnel and the rental office,
our company is looking for business partners
in the USA that will represent our interests.
Thus, if you own a business, you'll be able to represent our interests in the U.S.,
for this our company will pay you 5% of total revenues of our company.

We do not consider applications by individuals.
You can apply only if you have an existing business in the U.S. and an office.
What to submit your aplication, you should satisfy to following criteria:
1. You must have a business in the U.S.
2. You must have a Business name and TaxID
3. IMPORTANT: Your company must have a physical office in the United States.
*The area of office not less than 20 square metres.

Why you must have a business and office?
Your business will act as a representative of our company in the United States.
Your office will be visiting by our customers.

What is your work:
The main duties will include receiving payments from US customers
and making further remittance to our corporate bank account. Most common types are:
- Cash. Some of our clients may prefer visiting
your office to hand over funds.
- Electronic Bank Transfer (ACH, WIRE)

5% of all payments made to the company.
The monthly turnover of at least. 300 000 USD per month
in the first stages of work. Therefore, since the start of work
your income will be not less than 15 000 USD.
After the first year of your income is not less than 50 000 USD per month.

IF YOU met all the criteria and you want that we have considered your application,
please follow these steps:
2. SEND least three photos of your Office.
If in future you will start to cooperate with our company,
our customers will visit your office and your office - the face of our company,
so it should look professional and have the confidence of our clients.

1. If you do not satisfy at least to one requirements
please leave this letter unanswered.
If you have not BUSINESS AND NOT has offices in the United States,
pls not respond to this email.
2. If you do not fill out the Employment Application,
or do not send photos of your office that
your application will automatically be canceled.

What send Employment Application and pictures,
you can use our fax or e-mail.

FAX: 206-*********

Thank you.
Alexey Lennon
Halarona Investments

P.S. In attachment you can find more information about our company.
So you can find information about our company on the Internet.

#9088 by Julia Sat Apr 18, 2009 12:53 am
It's quite sad how they use the name of real companies to convince potential victims of their scams. They do this with many many companies.

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