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#1283 by SlayerFaith Fri Aug 03, 2007 10:56 pm
This is yet another common twist on the fake cheque scam, this time aimed at child care providers. The typical come-on is that the scammer and his family, who live overseas, will be coming to the daycare provider's location for some reason (usually a business assignment or long vacation), and will be needing child care. The scammer will offer to pay the entire amount in advance, and will send a cheque or money order to the victim. The cheque may be for more than the amount quoted for childcare, with a request that the "overage" be sent to someone else, but not always.

Very soon after the cheque is banked by the victim, an email will arrive saying that the scammer has had to cancel his trip (reasons for this vary, and may even include the claim that his children have been killed in a car accident). Since he will no longer be traveling, he will ask the victim to send a refund as soon as the cheque "clears" the victim's bank. From here on, this is just like any other cheque scam. The victim will see the money in his/her account, assume that the cheque has cleared, and send the refund. By the time the bank discovers that the cheque is fake, the money will be gone and the victim will be out the entire amount of the cheque.

Here is an example of a typical opening format latter for this scam:
Hello ________

I am Rev. Chris Owoade, a clergy man, and I work here in Ghana with the First Baptist Church, Accra. I will be coming over to New Jersey on holidays from 30th of June to the 25th of August 2006 for a 8 weeks Vacation with my wife and our 2 kids of the ages of 3 and 5 respectively.

We will require the services of a childcare giver, 7am to 7pm, though this could be done rather flexibly, for the entire period of our stay excluding weekends, as my wife and I will not always be with them on most occasions due to other seminars and functions which we will be attending. We will like to pay in advance of our visit so my wife and I can be assured of a care-giver for the kids during our stay because this is our first visit to USA.

An early reply will be appreciated. Please acknowledge if you can offer this service ASAP and give me a price quote, and it is most important, you immediately send me an email or call me on 011 233 243 443 623 as soon as you receive this message, so we can conclude on all other arrangements ASAP, as time is not really on our side.

Best Regards,

Rev. Chris Owoade

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