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#10567 by Arnold Sat Jun 13, 2009 3:00 am
"Amir Hedayat" <[email protected]>

This is a message from the Ishmael Ghost Islamic Group. We are confirmed Islamic Hired killers and Suicide aids. We have been sent to assassinate you and members of your family. I am sorry if the following message will not be detailed because we would not want you to be able to track us as we have been following your every move for sometime now.

Sometime ago, you offended a member of our gang. As you quite know, I shall not be detailing my statement. This member had ordered for your assassination after he made sure he acquired every information about you and your family. It was when he produced your complete details that another member of our gang found out he knew someone in your extended family. As a result, he pleaded for you and said you should be pardoned under any condition. After reaching an agreement, we decided that you provide the total sum of 800 USD to transport some of our expatriates out of the USA. The money shall finalize the migration of these Islamic expatriates out of the USA. If you do not follow these requirements, I am sorry you shall not live to see the next three weeks, even if you see the next three weeks, a member of your family shall pay for it and another shall pay for every other week you stay alive until you are dead. To provide this money, kindly send the money via western union or money gram to a receiver in the UK. Once this receiver has confirmed the receipt of the money he shall securely send it back to us for the needed reason. Below is the information of the receiver.

Receiver: Steven Gibbs
Location: London, UK.

Send complete transfer information once transfer has been made to this email [email protected] DO NOT PLAY PRANKS, THIS IS NOT A JOKE

You have been given 72hrs to send this money or else you shall pay with your life. Note: we have all your movement and the movement of members of your family monitored. Do not let them pay for your greed. Because before you are killed, you shall loose a member of your family alongside. I do not have to inform you that this message should be kept secret from everyone especially the police and other authorities, because if anything happens to any member of our gang, be it within or outside the USA, your family story shall be a disaster. You should know this Islamic Group is wide and members cannot be completely wiped out. Note: We are sending this message with a hacked European and African IP address so that you cannot trace location of this message. I will not explain further, a word should be enough for the wise.

Have a nice life
Group Treasury Officer.

Eastern Mediterranean University

A new variant of a scam that crops up every now and again. It's sole purpose is to frighten victims into paying up, usually for much more than $800.
Eastern Mediterranean University does exist, but it inclusion in the scam is rather strange. Both email addresses have been closed, which is a shame. I like baiting hitlads.


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