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#160894 by Premkumar Sat Apr 06, 2013 11:57 am
No,it is not a scam. But I have joined with united online business. It has been three months, I have spend more than $1500 and didn't earn a single cent. You have to spend your own money for advertisement and monthly fee is involved in it. If your a rich person you can join. I have to cancel my account with them, too risky and too stressful. Write now I am broke.


#161178 by Bubbles Mon Apr 08, 2013 1:11 am
Interesting that this topic came up almost exactly one year ago. The facts are still the same, so I will let Dotti's comments from last year start this page too.

Dotti wrote:The topic has come up before, and is really outside of the scope of what we deal with here.

United Online Business is a multi-level-marketing operation, selling Herbalife. There is no evidence to suggest that their operation is illegal, but MLM operations can be very risky businesses, and often the income claims are based on the early participants who are at levels new members cannot realistically hope to get near. Typically only a small percentage of participants have high profits. The rest end up with much lower incomes or even losses.

You can find more information on MLM's on the FTC's website--just google FTC and MLM and you should find it. I would post the link but the FTC website is not loading for me right now.

Every time someone mentions an MLM in this forum, inevitably someone will come along to sing its praises. This is because the income of existing members is directly impacted by new members joining--so their testimonials are often not motivated by a wish to provide impartial information, but by personal financial gain.

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