Check Scams, Debt Collection scams and other financial scams.
#136564 by jellybean Thu Nov 29, 2012 4:17 pm
Mod note: Topic moved here as this cheque scammer isn't only into rental scams. - CW

<Fake> check scammer.

The reply goes to : shwyuh <[email protected]>
FROM: [email protected]
November 19, 2012
room still on ebbay?

From: Alyssa ([email protected])
November 25, 2012
Thanks for getting back to me quickly ... My name Alyssa Q Frank(F),I am 27 yrs old,I am fun loving, personal,friendly,clean,caring,and respectful of others. a non-smoker, don't do drugs, i drinkoccasionally,and drama free. I graduated last 2 year in France,Marriedat 2 years before but I am divorce right now with 1 son now... i dobible study, and sometimes we do karaoke night with my roommate! i goto church every Sunday . I am coming for my Masters degree I am notcoming there with my kid.My Nationality is USA,specifically Hawaii, Iwas born in Honolulu in Hawaii,my dad is from there too but my mum isfrom France... I went to Hawaii Pacific University at Honolulu. I speak bothEnglish and French fluently ,am presently on research work at Hawaii,and almost done with that bcos its part of my prerequisite for mymasters in Microbiology . I would have loved to call you but this is aremote area calls is hard to go through from here and i don't want towaste much time .Am really interested in renting room from you or tobe your roomie and i do really love pets but i don't have any at themoment. I would have loved to see it but am very far,but withpictures,I am glad. I will also like you to tell me more about you and the house,ifyou have garage or parking space because I will have my own car comeover, pls let me know the total payment of the place and more over Iwill send your email to my dad for him to email you later bcos he isthe one who will be responsible for paying the bills butnevertheless,I will like you to send me your The Mailing Address!

1.Full Name to be on the check.
2.Street Address
3.City, State, Zip Code
4.Your Phone number as well

So that my Dad will issue out the payment for the place as soon aspossible.You can hold place for me till i arrive there . I will belooking to read from you quickly.Thanks and have a nice day PLEASE REMOVE THE ADS FROM CRAIGSLIST BECAUSE OF DISTURBING FROM OTHERPEOPLE PLEASE. Alyssa Q Frank

#158348 by PKaye711 Thu Mar 21, 2013 10:43 am
I am so grateful that you put this info out here! I received an email from this account regarding purchasing my ferrets and it was the exact same stuff. I wasn't feeling good about it at all so I copied the email address and searched Google, THANK YOU!

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