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#2973 by Ralph Sun Mar 23, 2008 5:51 am
I dont have an email address for this one because scammers notoriously change emails regularly, their format however tend to stick around a bit longer

First Email usual sent in response to adds placed by tutors or music instructors
Good Day Glad to tell you that my son will be coming to the United state for holiday.i Will be more than glad if you can have private lessons with him everyday from 2pm-3pm or your suitable time(1 hour per day from Monday-Friday for two weeks making a total of ten lessons.If you can make it,kindly get back to me with the cost of your teaching for two weeks in the dates of march 30th-9th.He will be coming to your house for 1 hour each day for two weeks.I have someone that will always drive him down to your house His name is Curtis,. I will want you to calculate 1 hour per day from Monday-Friday for the whole 2 weeks and get back to me.Looking forward to read from you.

Second Email
Thanks very much for the mail.That is okay with me.So for ten lessons,I hope i will be able to trust you with my money,since this requires honesty and transparency.I have an associate of mine owing me the sum of $3800,i will instruct him to write out the check to you,so when you receive it you will have to deduct the cost for ten i will also compesante you with the sum of $100 lessons and send the remaining funds to person who will be taking care of my son during his staying in the United state.The remaining funds sent to him,will be for his feeding and other commissions.So if this is understandable i will want you to get back to me with the following in formations of where the check will be sent to.

name in full...................
address in full.................
city state...................
zip code country.................
contact phone number..................

Looking forward to read for you

Of course, the cheque is fake

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