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From Nicole Edward Mon Feb 22 18:08:47 2010
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Nicole Edward Public & Financial Affairs,
Dalton House 60 Windsor Avenue,London,SW19 2RR
United Kingdom +44 7045709545

Dear sir,

I am a consultant for trade, having sourced your contact;

I have a client who has good amount of money to invest in your country into real estate, buying of hotel or in any viable and profitable venture that you will recommend. To enable us commence immediately on this transaction, kindly furnish me on your reply the followings:

Your Name & Company name:
Direct Private Phone & Fax number:
Position Held in the company:
Your present Location Address:

Please be assured that the funds are from a clean origin, all the necessary facts and
documents to back up the fund will be give to you.

Upon receipt of your mail and readiness to proceed with us, we shall send you more details, terms and condition.

Best regards,

Mr.Nicole Edward
{Financial Consultant}

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