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#23469 by NZG Mon Mar 01, 2010 9:18 am
I received this one in my spam folder the first warning was the bad grammer and then the actual country of origin, Veit Nam. I my be perverse but its funny. :laugh-s:

Dear sir/madam My name is Jean Faustin and i came from Haiti. l lost all my families with exception of my mother during the last earthquake that happens in my country. I have [Ten million U. S.dollars], 10,000,000 USD, I want to transfer to your country for investment on properties or hotel as you may choose and I need your assistance to receive the fund and also invest the money for me. I will give you details as soon as you respond. l inherited this money from my late father who died during the earthquake in my country about few days ago. This money has been moved to one of the asian countries together with my sick mother where we are presently staying now. Lets get this done urgently and finalize this transaction with you as the bonafide beneficiary before my arrival in your country for partnership investment agreement between us Note that you will have 30% of the total sum as royalty when the funds get into your hands for investment, while 5% will be for expenses for both parties before sharing.. kind regard, faustin

#23472 by Arnold Mon Mar 01, 2010 10:06 am
Welcome to Scamwarners. Scammers will exploit any disaster to try and steal money. Even fake charitable appeals which started immediately after the Haiti earthquake.
Can you quote the scammer's email address so that search engines can find it.

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