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#168697 by mels552 Wed Jun 12, 2013 7:19 pm
I received an email today but not absolutely sure if it is a scam or not can anybody help me out.
The subject that I have put here is the same one that I received in my email.
[email protected]

I am going to get right to the point. A friend of mine who is a executive for the two investment sites below is going to pay you the returns below. He is doing this to generate more publicity and testimonials for the site. But youneed to act fast because he could stop it any day now.
I had him do it for me this week. The bad part is you can only do it one time. Here is the deal.
$100 returns $1000 in 48 pay him $200
$200 returns $2000 in 48 pay him $500
$500 returns $4000 in 48 pay him $1000
Naturally you don't pay until the money is in your account and has been withdrawn. All you do is register at the site and open a perfect money account. You send him the user id. After money is deposited change it. That's the program.
He is only doing this one time and until june 13th. So make your choice count. I realize this isn't for everyone. If its not for you then ignore. However if you like it and can use $1000 or more in the next 48 hours do the following
Send me an email with your name and email and the amount you want to do. I
will contact him and get an approval code and send to you. Then you would need to send the money via moneypak and open a account with the site and perfect money. That's all you do. Within 48 hours your profits will reflect on your account to withdraw.
I do not know how he does it or do I care. All I know is got $2000 in 48 hours. I don't believe in sweating the details...If you like I will put in half for you and you pay me back with your first withdrawal.
Okay Lynn You got me. I can't pass this up. I want to put in_________for a
return of ___________in 48 hours.____
I want to half you put in half and I pay you back from returns_______
[email protected]

#168716 by TerranceBoyce Thu Jun 13, 2013 4:49 am
The idea is very obviously daft mels552.

Is he registered and regulated by anyone ? I presume not as he doesn't appear to use a standard bank account.

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