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#169228 by crovelo Tue Jun 18, 2013 5:41 pm
I posted on Ineedfinancialhelp and believe I have been scammed by Mr. Williams. First I was told to use my number to get a Craigslist code. The next day he told me to go to western union to get cash. After that he requested me to send $450 to Cairo, Egypt. Right away red flags, I called the police and gave them everything. Yet I am STILL being harassed. If you know anything that can help me please comment.

#169238 by Dotti Tue Jun 18, 2013 9:14 pm
I posted on Ineedfinancialhelp and believe I have been scammed by Mr. Williams

I have no doubt that you are dealing with a scammer.
The truth is that I have yet to encounter a single person who was legitimately helped by that website or any like it. On the other hand, I have encountered plenty of people who were scammed or nearly scammed as a result of posting on such a site. Sites like that are ideal hunting grounds for scammers looking for new targets.
You can also be certain that the real name of the person in contact with you is not Keith Williams. He is not even in the US...

I am hoping that you did not actually send any money, because if you did, there will be no way to get it back.

First I was told to use my number to get a Craigslist code.

I am assuming by this that you mean he asked you to either open a new Craigslist account, or use your phone number to generate a code and forward it to him. Either way, this is a problem. The scammer wanted this code because he cannot get a legitimate craigslist account himself. He is using your phone number for an account to place more fraudulent ads. If you have not done so already, report to Craigslist that you have accidentally given out the code. You should be able to use the form here: This is important, both to prevent the scammer from opening more bogus ads, and to prevent your phone number being associated with scams.

As for the scammer harassing you - I am assuming you have already told him that you have reported him to the authorities, which is not too big a deal. Just cut off all contact with the scammer. Filter his emails to your junk mail folder, and don't accept calls from numbers you don't recognize. If you cut off contact completely, he will eventually stop when he realizes that he is not going to get money.

Please do post the email address he is using and if possible, some of the emails he sent you, as it will help other victims t have that information.

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#169297 by crovelo Wed Jun 19, 2013 2:09 pm
No I didn't send it. After he started threatening me and my children I alerted the authorities, IC3 and FTC. There are atleast 5 different scammers involved and all correspondents have been sent to the fore mentioned authorities. Thank you so much.

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