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#169307 by Rusty-Man Wed Jun 19, 2013 7:25 pm
This person , [email protected] has sent me the following, claims to be Italian, emails come from USA says is located in Ghana, now wants money and thinks is clever with wording using emotion and stand over tactics using words, has sent me someones passport now asks for mine.
Hence why I am exposing this nasty piece of manure claiming to be Christian and refers to me as brother, I call him Total Stranger. Claims to be USA Military. The name for money to go to is Zulkifil Yakubu.
I shall get the bank account details next letter, shall keep you posted. am keeping my cool here, experienced with scammers now. This person is a real snake as he gives others details but REFUSES to give his details as he know how all things are recorded on the internet by TRUE western terrorists so wishes to endanger others lives to protect him or her self.

I have the Passport photo this oerson gave me but am unable to upload. Has given no verification that is his, just rhetoric words.

July 4 2013

Dear brother,

I told you at the onset about security. I do not want to compromise that for any reason whatsoever, not even your tauntings could avail me. I know what I am talking about. I do not want to show myself to the public until the fund is securely lodged. I hope you will start thinking like a real business man who knows what confidentiality means. Why would you seek to see me on skype even when you know that such medium is not very secure. It might end up exposing me to others. Besides you have a copy of my passport which I strongly believe you have verified and ascertained. I am positive you have nothing to hold me to but kind of pulling my legs.

If you do not want to be selfless and think for a while about my safety you can continue asking why I wanted you to contact my civil servant friend on phone. If you speak with him you have vicariously talked to me. You should not allow inordinate thoughts to occupy you. You should exercise the freewill given to you by nature as a free agent to assess issues or cases. Desist from hyping obnoxious mindset which could mislead in direction and interpretation. You should be the open minded Australian I know about citizens of Australia. Or are you posing as someone else? You have not shown your ID to me for evidence and proof of who you say you are.

I will let you tag on with me for the rest of this week and then it is over. I am getting bored with constant harangue which shouldn't have arisen in the first place. Take a solid, unflinching stand on this matter today or excuse yourself.

Thanks and may God bless you.

Your brother,

June 29 2013

Dear brother,

I wonder what you mean by my real names? Should I have other names besides what you know? Or do you mean to be insultive? I am not used to dry jokes.

My phone number is out of the question. I gave my friend's phone number to you previously. Have it again: +233242467625. You are permitted to call him. His name is Zulkifil Yakubu. He was on a trip since last week but just returned last night. So you can reach him on phone any time.

The bank account details I sent to you is faultless. It does not need to have a name by it because it is corporate. Use it as it appears to you. The sequence is that the remittance would go through London where the corresponding bank is. And then would be redirected to the Ghanaian bank that is the ultimate receiver. Once again you can gave it:

Corresponding bank: Ghana International Bank plc London

Swift: ghibgb2l

Beneficiary Bank: bsic ghana ltd poboxct 1732 cantoment ift ;name-a.b.s ent.

Customer a/c number 115104304070.branch nima.

I believe I have done what you asked for. I will await news from you. But be reminded that it is sheer futile engaging in this delivery if I do not have any tangible or legitimate identification of you. You should also include your phone number so that my friend can reach you when necessary. I have just said this because too much money is involved and I should be wary or even more so than you.

May God bless you.

Your brother,

June 25 2013 Bank Details of scammer

Dear brother,

I am making available the bank account details as you requested. Here it is:

Corresponding bank: Ghana International Bank plc London

Swift: ghibgb2l

Beneficiary Bank: bsic ghana ltd poboxct 1732 cantoment ift ;name-a.b.s ent.

Customer a/c number 115104304070.branch nima.

Enter the information as it appears here. And remember to send the payment slip to me when you've done. I will be expecting that by tomorrow, possibly. Do remember that it will take a few days for it to clear. In the meantime I will do everything necessary for immediate arrival in your country. That means that we will not spend more than 48 hours before arriving in your country once the payment clears. I will tell my friend to get his connection to work without delay.

I have explained in detail about not being able to communicate on phone now. It is for my safety and nothing is hidden from you. I suggested giving my friend's phone number to you instead. I will do that by tomorrow morning Ghana time because I will have to discuss it with him tonight. I guess it is not proper to give his number to you without his consent. But I am sure he will accept it. So by tomorrow morning I will give the number to you.

May God bless you.

Your brother,

June 23 2013, last sent

Dear brother,

If you intend sending a cheque then below is the name and the full address:

Name: Zulkifil Yakubu
Address:Nima Post Office
NM 507, Nima, Accra

If you want street address (which I think is irrelevant) it is: Plot 45, Tetteh Quarshie lane, Achimota, Accra, Ghana.

If you intend sending cheque it is safer to use DHL. The Post cannot be relied upon as much as in Europe or Australia. This is what my civil servant friend told me. He said that once a dishonest mail runner sees money in any form (including cheque) he/she would divert it. It is therefore advisable to use DHL after making out the cheque. The cheque must be as open as being cashed in any bank in Ghana.

2) You may decide to send the money directly from your bank to my friend's bank account in Ghana if you wish. In that case let me know if you want his bank account details.

3)The money ($17,800) is the sum total for insurance and what is called 'exit bill voucher', a document, necessary and requisite upon physical transportation of cash internationally. It is issued by the Ministry of Finance in Ghana. For breakdowm, insurance is: $11,800 while the 'exit bill voucher' goes for $6,000. Please be informed that we are talking of United States dollars. In the absence of the 'exit bill voucher' the fund cannot be transported to your country even if we have the insurance. That shows that both are indispensable.

4) Remember that I will come with the delivery crew once you've made payment and the document is obtained. The document will take less than two days to be issued. It, therefore, requires that I spot or recognise you at sight like you can tell me from a group. Can you also send a scanned copy of either your passport or any identification document?

Please be informed that the delivery can be effectuated in just three days after having received the money you will send. I will tell my friend to inform his UN contacts to be ready at any time.

While waiting to hear from you I wish you the very best that comes from the bossom of the Lord. Your lot shall be bountiful and in adundance shall you reap, in Jesus' name....

Your brother,

Dear brother,

What an interesting piece! I guess you are having fun insulting and derogating everyone all in the name of taking care of yourself while labelling your correspondents as conmen, miscreants and thieves. Too bad. Christians are known to embrace all irrespective of colour, creed or race. I do not think you are different but I am sure that when it comes to business you are certainly discriminatory. Suit yourself but I am not going to be hounded any longer.

The bottomline is; help me or forget about me. I do not know what else to say to prove anything to you nor do I know what else to do. Do you want my civil servant's phone number as I suggested in my previous mail? Perhaps that will tell you more of how wrong your assessments have been!

On a serious note, I am facing untold hardship over here. It is currently being compounded by the tease you've been unleashing on me. Why can't you be serious and tell me off. It won't kill your conscience after all you do not have obligations over me. I am positive and hopeful that my Creator will see me through. He has done everything for me only if I believe; and I do believe.

I am not after your money. I am not interested in harming others. If I took your money by deceit I will have God to contend with. I have not forgotten hell. It is real. I do not wish to spend eternity in it. It is my interest to live modestly while doing everything I could to live within Christian standards.

I see the need for your passport for identification and nothing more. You already have mine.

It is your decision against mine.

Your brother,

Dear brother,

Thank you for your letter. It is obvious to me that you are saying what you should say. It is good you have admitted being a christian. I thank God for that. If, indeed, you are va 'soldier of Christ' then you do not have anything to worry about. It implies, as is real and without dispute, that everyone and anyone who is in Christ leaves earthly/mundane cares for our Lord Jesus to cater for. We do not think of earthly possessions as ownership. We think and acquire earthly things as of use. I am not interested in being the richest man in my hamlet. Instead I want to live good and well as the Bible advises. That, in the end, will assure me of encounter with Christ-something that is realized by Grace' alone.

You have, in your imagination, likened me to those you call 'scammers' in Ghana. I do not pick offense with it because it is rather complicating, according to Theologians, to differentiate between the 'adour of sanctity and of heresy'.

I want to say for the final time that I am leaving my fate in the hands of God having seen that you are bent of fabricating fantasies around my person just to refuse me. Why not do so without reason after all you owe me nothing and no one will judge you. I have said that paypal is not ideal for what we have. Everyone knows that banks are reliable and safe. I told you of how discreet this transaction can be. I do not intend to be exposed for any reason. I do not receive calls or make them now. I will be safer when my fund is secured. I will deliver the funds to you physically using hired jet of the United Nations for that. My civil servant friend in Ghana will see to that. He is highly connected. But do not associate public or political positions with wealth in poor African countries. They are miles apart.

I am in Ghana. If you see that my mails come from the U.S then you should be assured of my honesty and sincerity. I told you I was in the U.S. I told you I served in the American or Allied Army. The truth is that I have been in the U.S many years of my life. How else would I be adjudged as an Italian speaking English fluently and without difficulty. I have known the American society for too long. Both of us will visit the U.S together in the future for me to show you my peers and friends across cities in the U.S. I opened this email address when I was in the U.S. I AM NOT ILLITERATE NOT TO KNOW THAT AS A GOOD SCAMMER I SHOULD BACK MYSELF UP WITH ALIBIS REFLECTING MY CLAIMS IN ALL VERIFIABLE MODES. Scammers are not dunces. That is why they succeed in their evil trade.That includes having email addresses that bears the identity of my place of abode. I am not hidden. I am open for verification at all times. But I am sorry you will not speak with me now but you shall surely see me in a short time if only you agree with my proposal.

I will let you make the final decision here. One intriguing thing is that you have not even asked to know how much money you are expected to help me with. You may think it is a fortune. It is not. I will only tell you if you have interest in helping me by showing it or asking to know.

One thing I want you to know is that being a christian it is not nominal. It is by faith and action. If in the end I defraud you why not let our God judge and punish me? Do you think that offenders and sinful persons will go scot-free from the judgement of God. I'd rather remain poor than face the wrath of God becuase I know that it is indescribable. I'll choose anything in place of perdition!

It is well with me. It is well with you. May God bless you.

Your brother,

Dear Sir,

In view of the letter I wrote to you yesterday I am making a reminder to that effect because I am having technical difficulty arising from website management repairs of my gmail mailbox. For this it becomes rather cumbersome and sometimes ineffectual to access my mailbox.

I am, therefore, appealing to you to start contacting me with this alternate email address: [email protected]

Thank you.

May I be permitted to ask whether you have replied to my email of yesterday. If yes you can please resend your reply to this email address because I could not open my gmail mailbox since last night.

For a reminder I told you to verify the authenticity of my passport at any place of your choice. I also pleaded with you as a brother to assist me in this time of serious need. I will wait to hear from you by tomorrow.

Regards and receive God's blessings.

Your brother,

Dear brother,

I have noted your pattern of addressing issues. It is evident you do not want people to convince you. When you make up your mind you wish to stick to it howbeit wrong!

I am not an old Catholic because the Catholic church have not seen remarkable changes in structure or doctrine. The only visible and noticeable change is the use of all languages in the world for mass which is a departure from the strict Italian (Roman) specification of old mandating Latin as language of service. You cannot properly assess my spiritual life. Likewise my claims. I wonder what you mean by calling me a black person. Nothing is wrong with that on the surface. I am not a racist but I am not a black. If God intended me black it was easy with Him.

What do you understand by the 1st Amoured Division? Do you know that this division is so special and central to both infantry and reconnaissance duties. You know what it entails to be on reconnaissance? It was my unit. How do you expect an integral war element in an internecine war as Iraq to enroll in non-serious media correspondence. I didn't anyway and don't expect me to.

I believe we've gone through this phone thing severally? If you want to speak to someone then I will give my civil servant's phone number to you. You can call him and talk to him. But I do not want my voice on the line bearing in mind that every word, every sound, is recorded in the data of the network supplier. If it pleases you I will.

How much money do you have for helping me? How much can you afford? Will you be able to raise $17,800 now?

Do you want a photo proof of the funds in the box? If that will suffice then let me know.

May He who reigns in Heaven remember both of us and recall you to the need of being brother's keeper, in Jesus' name..

Your brother,

Dear brother,

It has dawned on me why you call me stranger? It has to do with your past experiences? A reference yes but no link with or to me. But in my mind you are my brother. If not by colour or race it is in Christ Jesus.

You have a good idea by suggesting paypal account transaction. There is nothing wrong with it. But I am sorry I am insisting on more traditional and secure mode of remitting money. It is without gain saying that bank to bank money remittance is most secure, most traceable. That is if you are afraid of making a mistake because it is not hidden that before you I am a criminal.

Let me tell you this; irrespective of how the fund in discussion came about I am not a thief or criminal. I only took a good chance and am making it real. I am a soldier.

Let me talk a bit more about the bank. When I give a bank account to you for making money available to me it implies co-operation between Australian finance sector and Ghanaian finance sector; it means that the International financial clearing house is involved in the sense that the remitting bank and the receiving bank will invariably sort out their credits/debits there; it implies that the receiving bank is legitimate/registered and that the account holder is known and documented; it means that in event of default or misappropriation of sorts that the owner of the account can be traced and nabbed. Have you not seen that it is safer to use the bank?

You mentioned welcoming me in Australia after you have made payment and the fund in question is being brought to Australia? It does not matter if you welcome me as a stranger. You can also call me a business partner. I am Italian. This means that I have no visa subjugation in the Embassy of Australia. It is always easier to travel to Australia with Italian passport. I will not be a liability to you when I come over. On the contrary you will have a new lease of life as will be enabled by the excess cash I will be coming with.

Let me say this now and here; though I am facing a distressing moment in Ghana but I am not flat out. I chose to bring my money to Australia because it is a friendly nation. It is also far away from America, a vibrant economy, where Italy will not be missed as there are many investment opportunities.

I will leave you to think over the contents of this letter and make a decision. If you think that the Australian Embassy will be protective of our cause you are free to involve them. I understand there is no Embassy of Australia in Ghana but it not far away in Nigeria. I am ready and willing to use any Embassy staff you may trust to deliver the fund to you.

Thanks and regards,

[email protected]

Dear Sir,

I know you would be surprised to read from someone relatively unknown to you. My name is XXXXX XXXXX, a member of the U.S. Military Contingent to Iraq. As a memeber of the coalition Force I am Italian by nationality. I lived in the U.S but not any more. I am presently staying in Africa (Ghana) where my long time friend (a Ghanaian civil servant) is hosting me.

I would like to share some highly personal (classified) information about my personal experience and role which I played in the pursuit of my career serving under the U.S 1st Armored Division which was at the forefront of the war in Iraq.

Though, I would like to hold back certain information for security reasons for now until you have found the time to visit the website shown/pasted below to enable you have an insight into what I intend sharing with you, believing that it would be of interest to you. ... istan.html

The woman mentioned was my colleague and we did the business together.She declared only $1 million to the authority while the main box that contained $25 Million US dollars was handled by me.

Could you get back to me having visited the above website to enable us discuss in a more clarifying manner to the best of your understanding. I must say that I'm very uncomfortable sending this message to you without knowing truly if you would misconstrue the importance and decide to go public. In this regard, I will not hold back to say that the essence of this message is strictly for mutual benefit between you and I and nothing more.

I will give further clarification in my next message, meanwhile, can you send me an email confirming that you have visited the site and that you have understood my intentions? I will like you to get back to me with the following information:

: Address
5:Contact Details

For purpose of security I would prefer email communication only. I do not want to call you on phone nor would it be safe for you to call me on phone. I will, however, send my authentic national ID (a copy of Italian passport) to you once you accept to receive the money in my possession for mutual investments.

I will await your thoughts via email.

Thanks in advance,

Edit - Scammer's full name is uncommon, and coincides with a unconnected person - Removed : Michelle

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