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#172109 by rococo Tue Jul 23, 2013 9:15 am
My dear friend
Greetings of peace and love to you in the name of the Almighty God, I hope you are in good health and i pray that this mail should reach you in peace,

I am writing to express my happiness and sincere gratitude to the Almighty God for the progress he made in my life, I am no longer in the refugee camp, I am currently living in London, United Kingdom with my new foreign business partner Mr Lyn Gregory ,he is from South Africa but living and doing business in London,
He provided an account where my late father,s money was transferred into and he is also investing the fund on my behalf, till i complete my education

I decided to write you and also to compensate you because of the great efforts and encouragement you made to help me, although things did not work out for both of us to be together, yet you did your best to assist me,

I instructed my business partner who is also my intending husband to give you an open Bank Draft totaling the sum of The USD100,000 (One Hundred thousand united states dollars) as a compensation for the kindness you showed me when i was going through my very difficult situation in my life, I know that the money is neither too big nor too small, but it is a token gift from me to you and i hope the money will go a long way to solve your financial problems,

You should contact the Reverend Minister of God who is in charge of the refugee camp Her Holiness Reverend Sister Linda Clement through her email address at ([email protected]) or through her direct telephone number (00228-97401054) she was like a mother to me when i was in Lome,Togo Republic and she is the person who introduced the South African businessman who assisted me out of that my sorrowful situation,

The USD100,000 (One Hundred thousand united states dollars) was given to her with instruction to send it to you immediately when you contact her,When writing to the Reverend Minister you should inform her that you are a friend of Miss Nafy Dosi and you were told to contact her for the collection of The USD100,000 (One Hundred thousand united states dollars) which was given to her to keep for you,

I have now resumed my studies, You can reach me through my email when you receive the money
Do not hesitate to inform me immediately you receive the money from Her Holiness Reverend Sister Linda Clement

Yours sincerely,
Miss Dosi Nafy

ISP: Togo telecom
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2013 05:23:31 -0700 (PDT)
From: Nafy Dosi <[email protected]>
Subject: My dear friend

#172119 by jolly_roger Tue Jul 23, 2013 11:04 am
The sleazy scammer tried the same script dated May of Twenty 12. Back then using the name of pascalina abakarim.

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