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#175505 by sophiemae Mon Sep 02, 2013 10:34 am
She is now going by Oliva Jacob with the email [email protected] but still using all of the same information other than that.
The email I received is regarding childcare:
Although it says august, I believe the person was meaning it for September as I received the email this morning.

How are you doing, im very sorry for late response i contact you about
care for my daughter in about 2 month ago, my name is Oliva Jacob from
Canada (Toronto) I'm moving to your area for 4 weeks contract with
Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA) in united states. My daughter
name is (Wendy, she is 5 yrs old) i want you to help me Care for her
from 9am to 4pm from Monday to Friday for 4 weeks.She is very nice
gentle attractive and neat .You do not have to worry about
transportation, I have negotiate with a cab Driver that will be
driving her down to your place go and come. Get back to me with the
total cost, it is my financier in the united state that will sponsor
me and responsible for the payment, so i want you to get all show you
how serious i am, because i want everything to be done before i will
get back to the states. Kindly get back to me with the below
information so that the check will be made out to you immediately.

Full name to be on the check :-
Street address (not P.O Box): -
Zip code:-
Total charges:-
Mobile number for easier communication:

I will await for the information from you as soon as possible. Remember she
is all i have and i really want a conducive and pleasant atmosphere
for her. We will arrived to the state on 15 of Aug start on
the 16 of Aug 2013.

Oliva Jacob
200 Elizabeth St
Toronto, ON M5G 2C4

Thanks for your kindness and God bless you

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