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#176677 by mrtrav Wed Sep 18, 2013 6:02 pm
Capital Gold Resources (previously Dixon Perot) – the latest scam.
The players are Mike Ross, Andrew Cooper, Melanie Tucker from Driscoll and Partners. Obviously these are not for real. The phone number is usually blocked or unknown but +61 416 001 400 showed on a number of the calls.
Basically the scam is that your number of shares have increased dramatically and some gut from a company called Axon wants to control more than 51% of CGR as he intends to sell off all the assets and transfer the other operations to his company rendering any shares in CGR useless. All you have to do is sell your shares for $8.12 each. And sure why wouldn’t you? But to make sure it all went smoothly I had to sign a Non-disclosure agreement. And why wouldn’t I, I would not like to let Mike and his circus down.
I had great sport with these clowns and wasted as much of their time and money as possible. I allowed them to rant on about their scheme and I stuffed them with as much crap as I could and they swallowed every ounce of it.
Poor Mike was so apologetic when he realised the shares were restricted under regulation 144 but assured me he would do whatever he could to have the restriction lifted. Good old Mike (or whoever the asshole is!) was so kind and said it would only cost me $6009 for this but that the $80,000 for my shares would be lodged to my account within a day or two.
Like a big Christmas turkey I kept stuffing old Mike with yarns about my gambling problem and all the things I would be doing with my new found wealth. He laughed and was so happy for me. I told him that my cousin Paul would help me pay to have those terrible restrictions lifted as my current financial situation was not good. Mike was so glad.
I continued to doctor my documentation because after all Mike was such a nice pleasant scammer and I just wanted him to enjoy the game too (poor idiot). I was really proud of my work on the payment document. The payment would go to HSB bank in Hong Kong of all places and the company was none other than China Offshore Trading Ltd. (nothing too suspicious here Mike!) The account number is 652 255 779 838 swift code HSBCHKHHHKH. So if you have a few $’s to spare please lodge to the account for Mike and his merry bunch of losers!
Guess what I have not heard from Mike and Co! Perhaps he fell for my scam and thinks the money has been lodged in HSB. Oh Mike please check your account and ring me. There are so many things I forgot to say to you. You evil f***ing wh**king c**t may you and your sadist dick heads fry in hades!! Or words to that effect. Gee that felt good. Scam the scammers forever!!!

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