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#186602 by Dotti Tue Jan 07, 2014 10:45 am
I am sorry that you were scammed, but unfortunately, I can't give you good news here.

While we do sometimes find scammers' real names through various means, that is for our own information only. It is not something that can be used in court.

The only IP addresses in that header are yahoo's. That means that the email could have been sent by any yahoo customer, anywhere in the world. In other words, it is meaningless. Millions of people will have sent emails with the exact same IP addresses, and there is no way to identify which person it is.

The only way that money can be recovered is through the legal system. And that is only going to happen if you provide evidence that will stand up in court, which means that you need to get an attorney, and use the legal system (which generally involves subpoenas to mail providers and ISP's and/or banks if bank transfer was used) to trace him. If the scammer is in another country, it is nearly impossible to recover the money, as the costs to recover it would be far beyond the amount of money lost.

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#186618 by Terminator5 Tue Jan 07, 2014 3:05 pm
It appears your scammer is located in Nairobi, Kenya . You can check this Kenyan Message board and see where he is asking for help for help withdrawing funds from paypal on 11 March 2013 . You could try finding an email address for the Kenyan Police and making a report . ... ?id=116257

Paypal To Mpesa Withdraw
Listing #116257 by ›› anotherone on 11-Mar-2013 . › Report/Praise Listing . Viewed 564 times . Replied to 13 times . Printed 20 times

Anyone please help withdraw funds from Paypal.
Most of the kenyan companies are only getting my account limited.
Anyone who has a credible account that i can send money to and then have them transfer it to an mpesa number?
I need to transacr $500

anotherone 11-Mar-2013, reply_924220
@ Denis
Gimme your email address

›› anotherone 11-Mar-2013, reply_924238
or you can send me an email
[email protected]

›› denis young Online < 7 minutes 11-Mar-2013, reply_924249
@evroza. I do alot of android app development, web design using html mostly, when it comes to writting i have leased my uvocorp account where the current owner pays me a commission from monthly earnings.

@another1..i have emailed you.
›› anotherone 11-Mar-2013, reply_924296
Replied Check
›› denis young Online < 7 minutes 11-Mar-2013, reply_924432
i hav replied


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