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#187533 by fapua Thu Jan 16, 2014 12:29 pm
GoldenTowns SCAM

This game, developed by ANNO1777 Labs, offers the player the possibility to win real money just by playing and inviting more and more friends. The main thing about this game is that players can buy and sell virtual gold for real cash.

First this game is based on a pyramidal system of invitations. That means that all and every player represents money. Players you are supposed to invite become your referers and give you a percentage of their own income. Each player has a referer link to recruit people all over the internet. The fact is that some 'bug', as programmers call them, make that people who sign in under your invitation are by default without owner and programmers consider that they have the right to give those referers to 'Big players' in charge of selling virtual gold for real cash. This way they can make money over people.

Of course, some players may confirm they were recruited directly by real life friends (what happens anyway with people who couldn't confirm it?). In this case, moderators ban them from the game forums in order to shut them.

I can only advice to be aware of all that if anyone decides to play this game...

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