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#197871 by mexxer Fri Apr 18, 2014 4:13 am
This website offers to bid on events and their occurrence and function based on bitcoin -an anonymous currency- The website is an absolute fraud and they do not honor their responsibilities and the promotions they operate, and not even follow their own rules.
They still grade events but do not honor withdrawals.

#197872 by AlanJones Fri Apr 18, 2014 4:21 am
An anonymously registered website, with nothing on it to say who runs it, dealing in an anonymous "currency" that is well known for fraud, thefts and scams is a recipe for disaster.

Definitely one to stay well clear of.

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.
#198032 by TerranceBoyce Sat Apr 19, 2014 9:11 am
Tried 'pinging' the domain name.

It seems to have disappeared.

It didn't make a whole lot of sense. Running a gambling site without 'odds' is a bit like running a car race without wheels.

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