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#201597 by Eratos Thu May 15, 2014 8:49 am
The scammers' URL:
Scammer's Name: Ivica Gjinoski

I like betting for soccer games and I thought I could get some help from a professional to earn more, thus started to search for websites selling premium football tips and I came across one website supposedly selling high-odd premium soccer picks with a winning rate over 85%. They have records of their premium picks from previous days, and from what I saw only 1 of their premium tip had lost in the last 15 days (which I eventually understood, was total BS).

I thought testing their service for 1 week would not harm. I contacted them, and they replied to my every email very quickly and kindly, calling me "sir"all the time (part of their scamming tactic).

I sent them €50, the price for 1 week listed on their website, via Western Union on March 12nd / Monday. They said the payment was collected and they would send me 1 week's tips. On that day they said they had no tips for that day (Monday) and I was OK as on their records there were days when they did not send premium tips to their VIP subscribers. The things started to get sour the next day...

Tuesday, the next day I made the payment, I received this email from them:

"Hello sir,
We want to inform you that we contact with our source this morning and we must to inform you and all weekly members that source raised the price for the next matches, because next matches will be with bigger odd and every member must make additional payment, in your case you must pay us additional 50 euros and we can start sending you our matches. Also, after you make a additional payment we will transfer you on our monthly members and you will get monthly status on our site. My friend it's not nothing to worry about, it's just some unexpected procedure that never happened before and every client must pay more 50 euros, there will be no asking for more, but this is a must.. Do not worry about anything else.. Pleasure doing business with you sir and sorry again for this unexpected situation but it will be more than good after you start receiving our matches because,serious profit is in game sir and do not worry about nothing.."

It was that moment when it hit me they were scammers. They had no "source" or winning tips, they were only trying to steal more money from me. The price on their website was still €50, and when I asked them about it they said "website admin would update the prices on the website" which, of course, never happened.

I told them that I wanted my money back and I would let people know that they were scammers if they did not send me 1 week's tips or make me a refund, and they said I was only complicating things just for €50 (!) and I had to send them an additional €50. So I did what I said I would; I made a video and put it on YouTube. They got very mad! They started sending me threatening emails saying that their people would find me where I live and teach me a lesson. Of course this was total crap too. They were just trying to scare me into deleting the YouTube video I posted. I didn't buy it.

I told them if they sent me 1 week's tips I would hide the video and if the tips they sent me were good I would go ahead and buy a 1 month subscription. They said OK and I hid the video. That day they sent me 1 with an odd of 4.50 . Do you think it won? Of course not! The following day (yesterday) they told me there was no tip for that day again. So far the summary is:

1st day: No tip
2nd day: Loss
3rd day: No tip
4th day (Today): Loss. I'm pretty sure now they they are stalling me with fake football picks.

I keep all the proof (emails, Western Union payment receipt) and I will make a detailed video about the scam I experienced and will make sure no one else gets scammed by them again.

Bottom line: everything on their website (records, fixed matches, testimonials) is fake. Do not get scammed!

Just be wise, if they really had that kind of information which would earn them millions every month, would they be selling it for a couple of hundred Euros?

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