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#205836 by silverlight05 Sat Jun 14, 2014 3:31 am
US Marine (Confidential Proposal)‏

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Dear Sir,

I am "Sgt" James Buckland, from the United States Marines stationed in Ghanzi province of Afghanistan, in the eastern Afghanistan, on Saturday May 13 2014, a bomb exploded killing 14 civilian traveling to the Giro district of Ghanzi province of Afghanistan after a wedding ceremony. In our search for the victim survivours we discovered in one of the truck van caring the victims wedding gifts a trunk box in content was the United State Dollars over Six Million estimated.

I have this money secured in our position as we are not ready to present this fund to the Afghanistan government or the United State Government. We all agreed to make away with this funds as this fortune may no reoccur, we seek for your assistance as a foreign civilian that will receive this money through diplomatic cargo delivery to Europe France Paris. Where we have our diplomatic embargos.

All arrangement is to deliver the trunk through our diplomatic courier embargos service to France. We have agreed to share the funds as follows we take 70% while you take 30% we will also give you power of attorney to invest our share of the funds in a profitable venture in your country.

Your profile information will be required to deposit the trunk as consignment in your name as the beneficiary of the siad consignments which we will labele as x-ray photographic material for security purpose.

I await your urgent reply please keep this as a Top secret.

Yours Truly
"Sgt" James Buckland
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