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You are hereby informed that your compensation amount of 2 Million EUROS by International Financial Credit Commission (IFCC) through a certified ATM CARD is ready and available. International Financial Credit Commission (IFCC) is a corresponding Directorate of African Financial Monetary Authority (AFMA) cum International Monetary & Financial Committee (IMFC), put in place for the accomplishment of compensation for reimbursing individuals who have either lost money by online/offline transactions, or due to the Global Economy and Financial crisis It is also for individuals who lost money through unclaimed Lottery payments, unpaid contracts and inheritance claims.
On this basis, AFMA & IMFC allocated a reimbursement of 2 Million EUROS to compensate you as you are one of those individuals that the "General Data Dissemination System (GDDS)" have tracked for reimbursement under this private stimulus program.
An alternative payment method electronic systems is efficiently transferred to an INTERNATIONALLY CERTIFIED ATM Card. This is in line with the IMFC as the instituted Committee to release the reimbursement sum under a secure measure to the individual beneficiaries.
Reply for more details
1,Your Confirmation Code is P601. 2,Your Full Nama 3,Valid Address Respectively. 4,Your Tell-phone Number
Confirm receipt of this email immediately by replying through this official email; ifcccredit(AT) 0022968190199 ) You should have no hesitation taking advantage of this stimulus program!
Director Foreign Remittance Department.
FOR: International Financial Credit Commission (IFCC)

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