Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
#101323 by lutria Thu May 10, 2012 7:56 pm
Hi everyone,

i am totally new in here, and first of all i want to thank you and 'heaven' for this place, and others similar to this. So, i've sent my resume to this e-mail address. usually, i am quite careful sending my resume to yahoo, hotmail, gmail accounts, but this one sounded quite professional(hmm :? bad idea) here is what i got, after my 2nd e-mail.

"Thanks for the response which was highly welcomed, I read your resume and i am really glad to have you on board. I am really impressed and it seems you fit in right into our plans. This has saved us a lot of time.
There is some important Details you need to know.
There are three of them :
(1) Full Acceptance Letter and Company Details
(2) Office equipment, Notebook , BS/1 Accounting Software And Peach Tree Software and rubber packaging equipment
(3) T.O.T Test of Trust
1. Your full employment letter will be sent to you via FedEx , you are requested to send an email with the time range and duration that is good for you, which would be enclosed in your employment letter and also on Your payroll .
2. You would be receiving a Dell Notebook Laptop, Duo processor, All in one Printer and Fax Machine with a wide range of software already installed on the system to meet the requirement of our secretary and also some PURCHASE VIC COMPUTERS stationery's and mini office equipment. Also you would be in charge clearing of the rubber packaging machine that would be installed in the warehouse.
* $100 for BS/1 Accounting software which is to be purchased Next week.
* You deduct $100 for your self for signing Bonus . This is to help to Cultivate staff towards commencement .

3. Test of trust would involve you handle funds for the Company only once, to test your skills on handling financial transactions. The test of trust is your first call to duty before you start off work. This might be conducted as soon as you have been accepted as one of our virtual secretary before the branch office is opened in your region. You would be receiving payment from the Company's client and you would be required to process it, document it and make use of a wire transfer and also deduct from the fund to purchase the BS/1 Accounting software, Peach Tree Software ( details on where and how to purchase this would be provided to you via email). This would be the only payment you would be required to process on your own, all other future payment would be forwarded by you to the Company's Accountant.Details which would be made available to you when you've been confirmed.

Equipment's has been provided for by the Company. This includes a Dell Laptop/Notebook for mobility and some other software for accuracy, Speed of data processing, Time Monitoring and Effectiveness. Details on the Uses and delivery of these equipments would be provided to you. You would be Given the Following Soon:
* Supervisor ( Name and Contact Phone Numbers )
* Staff User Name and Password for Our Website Link for easy access to company data and task for each day once they are through with the Web-Site.
We are working on our Website. We Should be through with it soonest. ( Our Website is Under Major Construction and it is expected to be completed within the Next 30 Working days )
* Date of delivery of your equipment.
As soon as all is decided you would be involve in the opening of the office and the set up. I am happy you already have this experience , You would be compensated for this too.
We need to test your managerial skills with this professional assignment before we proceed with your appointment .
Send Your Full Name, Address ,City ,State ,Zip code and Cell Phone Number to be cross checked with your resume and confirmed
Details should be sent in the format below :
Please send your response back via email. You will be contacted on phone. Expecting to bring you on board as our staff.

yep, there is no job deal in here. the deal is - that i should send them the money and my personal data :laugh-s: i've also red my headers, while the company (that they are claiming to be) is in the UK, the ip address shows an irish village.i was thinking to contact the company and ask is there a person named andrea, but then i thought, maybe the whole company is involved in money laundering, or they simply might ignore me.
so what do you think? is there some possibility to catch this scammer only using headers information? should i call the company? i stopped responding, but i thought maybe to send them the local police office address and the fake phone number like a tarot or something ;) but maybe they'll get angry with me, and do something worse :cry: :evil:
p.s. if there are some misspelled words, don't worry i am not a scam ;) :D
btw, now i've just noticed that piramal health care post, contains the same concept (software, speed of data etc. 'words' that should be paid for :lol: )

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